Philadelphia is a city with a special and wonderful energy, once there the City of Brotherly Love gives you a quite varied of attractions. Each neighborhood of Philly has a distinctive personality and worthwhile explore several of them. So, check out this guide to the coolest neighborhoods in Philly, where you will find liveliest attractions and the best activities for doing.

Old City

This neighborhood is located next to Independence Hall, the place where the Founding Fathers declared liberty, in few words, is a historic zone in town. Old City has many wonderful attractions, from its surroundings you will explore historic sites such as Betsy Ross House, Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell.

Old City Philadelphia – Source

Besides, in Old City, you are going to find great restaurants, modern boutiques, wonderful theaters, awesome galleries and a vibrant nightlife.


This northern neighborhood is a synonym of art, there you will find the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, the Rodin Museum and the Franklin Institute, and this is the reason for the locals referred to this part of the city as “Art Museum Area”.  Also, there you can find one of the most particular attractions of Philly, the Eastern State Penitentiary.

Fairmount – Source

A big plus of this zone it is has amazing restaurants and great bars for gather with the friends and drink some beers. The neighborhood also has beautiful green spaces and excellent coffee shops.

Northern Liberties

This zone of Philly is very popular with their top-notch restaurants and bars. In Northern Liberties you will find a lot of authentic international eateries where you can live an unforgettable gastronomic experience while visit Philly. In addition, NoLibs is also known for its craft-beer pubs and nightlife scene.

Northern Liberties – Source

Some of the coolest shops are there, and this neighborhood also is a good place for a post-meal walk.  Northern Liberties provide to Philadelphians and tourists at outdoor spaces unlike any other, one of them is the Piazza, a courtyard that has been become an emblematic spot in Philly.

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This zone of the city had a big transformation in the latest 30 years, ceasing to be a working-class neighborhood for became in a culinary, artistic and musical zone of Philly. Fishtown is a colorful area plenty of great restaurants and galleries, where you will find from small business until sites are known across the country.

Fishtown – Source

Fishtown is a neighborhood with a great ambiance, where you would find incredible things to do and you will never get bored, few neighborhoods have the energy Fishtown has.

Bella Vista

Is one of the gorgeous areas in town and was the first Philly area settled by Italian immigrants and its name literally means “beautiful sight” Is one of the best places in the city for a walk or a bike ride, Bella Vista has many incredible landscapes, and also excellent coffee shops.

Bella Vista – Source

Other of is most known attractions is its Italian Market, established in the late 19th century, and not stop to grow.  In this market hold one of the major annual events in Philly, South 9th Street Italian Market Festival, an event offering food, drink, live music and more. Undoubtedly is a zone that any tourist should visit in Philadelphia.

University City

University City – Source

If you are looking a dynamic zone with a good vibe, this is the place for you. This area is where you feel the college life, an area of the city that never stops, once there you will always find something to do. The University City offers a vibrant street-food scene, there you will find excellent food trucks and many incredible restaurants that astonishing you.

You must know that University City always is hustle, but also is a place that you will love it.

Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square – Source

Is a place to explore, is one of the most spectaculars zones in town, is very difficult bore there. In Rittenhouse Square, you would find many activities to do and fun, the most popular among locals and visitors are their eateries, its party, and its wide green spaces. And that is that along the neighborhood you could buy in local boutiques, contemplate art in different galleries, distracting with a theatre play and much more.

This is a wonderful place to meet people, enjoy all the cultural offerings in town and also to stay because this area is very popular for its hotels.

Queen Village

It is a neighborhood that mixes the old with the modern, making it a very attractive place for tourists, since in some places in this neighborhood you can still see the architecture of old Philadelphia while you drink a cup of coffee in a local hipster coffee shop.

Queen Village – Source

This area is a charming zone for having a romantic dinner or for having a good time with the friends in some bar. Queen Village is a neighborhood to explore, with a lot of interesting spots and a very good vibe.

Midtown Village

In Midtown Village is where you will find the best restaurants and bars in Philadelphia. This neighborhood is also known as The Gayborhood, this area has a large concentration of LBGT community in Philadelphia. In addition, the zone offers a varied nightlife with many options for fun.

Midtown Village – Source

Several of the major annual events are celebrated in this part of town, festivals such as Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia OutFest, PrideDay LGBT Parade and Festival and the popular Midtown Village Fall Festival. In addition, this neighborhood is also well known for its independent fashion shops.

Society Hill

Society Hill – Source

Society Hill is a neighborhood that has a combination of historic attractions, trendy shops and top-notch restaurants. There you can walk, follow the steps of the founding fathers and then enter one of the fashionable clothing stores. Another very common activity in this neighborhood is going to a bar and having cocktails and that is that Society Hill has some of the best bars in town.

A quiet but fun neighborhood with beautiful parks and close to Philadelphia’s most emblematic sites.