No matter how long it takes, there will always be people who want to collect records and vinyl. Although the music industry has changed a lot over the last decade, making digital format the king within the industry, we must also be aware that since the ashes like the phoenix is resurfacing vinyl.

This revival for the analogous format has taken the world by storm and many collectors have taken to the streets in search of the best places where they can find the best records to continue enlarging their collection.

And a city like New York that has always been an essential point throughout musical history, vinyl stores still stand, offering quality records, hard-to-find treasures, old-school bands that preserve a modern sound, places where people can escape and find that artist they always wanted in their collection.

For the earlier reason and because we know that one of the best plans you can make in the Big Apple is to go to a record store, we created a list of the best vinyl stores in town. If you are a music lover, you will know this is a plan you can’t let go of when you visit New York, so take a look around and choose the stores you want to visit.

Academy Records

Academy Records -Source

We should start this list with one of the most popular stores in the city, Academy Records. This shop is a living legend that has retained its spirit over the years. This vinyl paradise is located on West 18th Street, and here you can find second-rate items in very good condition, so it is one of the most visited places of music lovers and vinyl lovers. No doubt you should visit this store, you will be surprised with the large amount of records that you can find there.

Other Music

Other Music – Source Facebook

This is a store that has been standing for over 18 years, no matter what the times changed Other Records has kept its rebellious spirit. As its name suggests, this record store specializes in underground music, new wave, reggae, folk and independent artists. Here you will also find second-hand vinyl and new records at great prices. Many times, the store organizes acoustic concerts within it, so you may be lucky and when you go to buy a record you also hear a new artist performing live.

Rough Trade

Rough Trade – Source Facebook

This is a relatively new store as it opened in late 2012 and is a place where you can find any record, don’t matter if is new or used. This store is huge, has a great list of artists and a variety of genres. The place has an excellent layout, each aisle passes from one genre to another making your search much easier and more entertaining. A very nice store, without a doubt you should go to visit it for sure you will have a great time there and you will find many records that you will like.

Turntable Lab

Turntable Lab – Source

It can be said that this store is the Mecca for Dj’s, after the year 2000 this place has become a key point for any DJ in the world. Here you will find a wide variety of vinyl’s, you can jump from jazz to pop, from hip hop to salsa or from folk to electronic music. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the music industry for some time or if you are just starting out, this place is perfect for anyone who loves vinyl, because you will find some musical treasures that will surprise you. In addition to selling records, the store also offers more products such as turntables, cables, microphones, rhythm boxes and much more. A highly recommended store!

Black Gold Records

Black Gold Records – Source

This record store is phenomenal, here you can spend one of the best moments in your visit to the Big Apple. The store has a great collection of records, very varied and where you will find a lot of jazz. A plus for this place is that you can have a cup of coffee or tea while you take a look at the vinyl’s. One thing we should warn you about is that you should be careful because this store is so great and has so many records that you will be carrying several vinyl records in your hand and this could cost you a lot of money. So, don’t get carried away by the impulse and buy what you like best.

Jazz Record Center

Jazz Record Center – Source

This is another jewel from New York City. A spectacular store, created for jazz lovers and all those who want to venture into this musical genre. In a nutshell this is the best store in the Big Apple to buy jazz disc.  Visit Jazz Record Center even if you don’t love jazz, it is a store like no other.

Co-Op 87

Co-Op 87 – Source

This three-year-old store has become one of New Yorkers’ favorites. It has a wide catalogue at stunning prices, here you can buy a vinyl for 3 dollars. The store’s commitment is to support music labels and independent bands, giving them a space in which they can show their musical works to the world. No doubt this store is great, has a wide variety of records and is well organized, so if you go looking for a specific artist you will find it very easy. A very pleasant place with a unique atmosphere.

Generation Records

Generation Records – Source Facebook

This is the perfect place for rockers and punk rockers. Known throughout New York for being a store specializing in selling records such as Metal, Punk Rock and Hardcore. Generation Record is a landmark in the history of music, being maintained for several years as one of the best record stores. The store also organizes concerts to support emerging bands and local talent. Along its two floors you will find a wide variety of discs. Undoubtedly, the best place in town to find punk rock records.

Heaven Street Records

Heaven Street Records – Source

Finally, we close with another big store specialized in the punk genre. This is a magnificent place, here you will find any band you like no matter what part of the world it is. In addition to having a lot of records the atmosphere is great, their staff is very friendly and offer excellent service. A wonderful store where you can go and discover new bands within a single musical genre. It’s not an expensive record store, and you can buy new or used records there. Two thumbs up for Heaven Street Records.

Disc-O-Rama Store

This record store has an impressive variety! In this store you will get lost among the thousands of records, it is amazing how a store that is not so big has such a wide catalogue. Knowing that you will spend hours and hours looking at records here, you should also know that it is one of the most popular stores in New York, so you can usually find it a little crowded. To finish the store also offers many prices, so one tip we give you is not to rush to buy the first record you find but look for a little more because maybe you can find a better record at a better price.