Salem is a town near Boston (one hour away by car) that is home to a terrifying story. And the fact is that in this quiet place there were the greatest numbers of trials against alleged witches who had pacts with the devil.

Salem – Source

The town is beautiful but chilling at the same time, and its atmosphere is full of mysticism, its streets have an incredible history, visiting Salem is an unforgettable experience.

Many visitors claim that they see figures appearing out of nowhere, flashing lights in the distance, voices, cries and bizarre noises that are out of the ordinary and some say that you can see the souls of people who were tortured wandering the streets.

Salem Witch Museum – Source

No doubt this is a great place to visit on Halloween, you can see original houses from the witches’ time, tombs and even buy items to make magic.

Once you are there, we recommend you visit the Museum of the Witches, in this place you can find recreated everything that happened with the accused of witchcraft in Salem.

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