If you didn’t know the City of Brotherly Loves is also know as a beer city.  Philadelphia is a great city, with many incredible plans to do and one of these amazing activities it gets out of the streets and know the breweries of the city.

In many occasion the city has won awards for its breweries, many of them are recognize around the United States, so much so that large numbers of tourists planning their visit to Philly only for know the pubs. So, check out this list with the best breweries in Philly and prepare for have a fun time tasting some of the best beers in the United States. Let’s drink!

Yards Brewing Company

Great beer! This brewery is one of the oldest bars in Philadelphia, has many tradition and is very popular among the Philadelphians. Over the years this place has been sold a large variety of craft beers with a high quality, a bar that never disappoint you. The staff is very attentive and always willing to help you and the ambiance are great too, however sometimes you have wait to be attentive because the place is usually crowded. In a few words is a great bar to hang out.


Kraftwork – Source www.kraftworkbar.com/

An awesome place for chilling and drink some amazing craft beers. This place is much more than a bar, is a spot where you can enjoy a great beer and a yummy dinner plate. They have a large selection of beers, but don’t worry the staff is there for help you to select the indicate craft beer. With a hipster touch, Kraftwork is a cool place for everyone as well as have a variety of beer also has a spectacular menu. Highly recommend if you are looking for a place that offers much more than a beer.

Victory Brewing Company

Victory Brewing Company – Source www.xfinitylive.com/

The right place to hang out, chilling and have fun with the buddies. The Victory Brewing Company has a wide list of beer and excellent service, these two things became this bar in an outstanding place in Philly, is those places that you must visit when you are in this city, 5 stars for this bar. By its popularity the pub usually is full, so prepare to wait a little to get in. Also, is a great place for watching a game, in addition the bar offers yummy Bavarian pretzel, you certainly must order one if you go there. Excellent bar!

The Good King Tavern

The Good King Tavern – Source Facebook

If you are looking for excellent beer and an awesome ambiance, this is your place. The Good King Tavern is a wonderful spot, where you will spend an amazing time. Its charm ambiance with a French touch became this bar in a unique place in Philly, is an enjoyable place to stay many hours. There also find great cocktails with affordable prices and the food is out this planet! Is very yummy, recommend the Duck. Also amazing of this pub is its music, is very interesting and pleasant. A bar that not to miss you on your travel to Philadelphia.

Prohibition Taproom

Prohibition Taproom – Source blog.peerfly.com

This is a bar where you can to make some new friends while you drink beer. If you are a talkative person no doubt to go Prohibition Taproom, because you will find friendly people there. As well as to be a great bar with excellent cocktails. The Prohibition offers food, the menu has a large variety of dishes and if you are looking for a delicious burger, is the right place for eat it. Something surprising of this place is its staff, they are willing help you and are knowledgeable, so if you don’t know what beer chose they will help you to decide. Interesting place to visit.

The Ranstead Room

The Ranstead Room – Source www.phillymag.com

This bar is outstanding, is a hidden speakeasy with a unique ambiance, once get in to the bar you set back in the prohibition era, its decoration is exceptional with a low -lightly illumination create a very intimate feeling. The cocktails could be expensive but be worth to know this place and drink a nightcap. They also offer a large selection of crafted beers and food. And if you wish to impress someone on a date, this is the perfect place for doing it. Would suggest to anyone!

Standard Tap

Standard Tap – Source www.roboppy.net

Fellas this is the authentic neighborhood tavern in Philly, there you will find great beer, tasty food and a lot of friendship.  This bar has some great drink selections that never disappoint you, lately became in a spot to gather for the hipster in Philly, so the atmosphere is chilling and friendly. Its old American-style is very attractive for many people. As mentioned previously its large selection beer is so great, they have a large variety of local’s beers, this means that it is the right place to drink a brew. In the Standard Tap you always have fun!

The Dandelion

The Dandelion – Source Facebook

Hands down one of the best bars in Philly with lots of beer to choose and some cocktails. There you have a fantastic experience, every detail of this place is perfect, the ambiance, the decoration, the drinks and the food, all is flawless. This place is excellent for grabbing a pint with your friends and for its cozy atmosphere also is a great spot for a night-date. The Dandelion is an original British Pub where you always find an excellent service and a perfect beer. If you are in Philly don’t hesitate to go this bar.

Tria Taproom

Tria Taproom – Source Facebook

Wine, beer, and food, this place is exactly that. Tria Taproom is a sophisticated pub where you will find a lot of fantastic wines and beers. The place does not have a large menu but that they offer is good and its staff is amazing. Tria Taproom has a great vibe and for it is a one of favorites bar of the Philadelphians and also is the right place to try different wines on Philly. The happy hour of this spot is fantastic, doubtless, this bar has it all, good music, fantastic drinks and great service. Visit the Tria Taproom is an extraordinary experience, a true gem of the City of the Brotherly Love.

Grace Tavern

A great bar with a solid beer selection. The ambiance is very chill and comfortable, is an excellent place for having burger and drink a beer. The prices of the Grace Tavern are very affordable, and the staff is pretty friendly, there always you feel welcoming. One of the best bars in the city, highly recommend, you will love its vibe and its draft beer choice. Go to Grace Tavern you won’t regret it!