Undoubtedly New York is one of the favorite cities to film series and movies, a city with beautiful places impossible to forget, that’s why if you’re a fan of Gossip Girl and you’re also on a tour of New York you should take a look at the following list that we share here below with all the places that appeared in the series Gossip Girl, join us to follow in the footsteps of Serena Van Der Woodsen and her friends.

Let’s get started!


Grand Central Terminal

Impossible to forget in the beginning of Gossip Girl, one of the most emblematic places of New York was one of the main stages of this series, the famous Grand Central Terminal is where Serena Van Der Woodsen begins her adventure in New York. This beautiful train station will fascinate you; its charm is unique, and its exceptional architecture makes you believe that you are in another era.

Once you’re at the train station, don’t forget to take a picture of the large windows in Grand Central Terminal, windows that appeared more than once in the Gossip Girl series.

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Another must for Gossip Girl in New York is the stairs of the mythical Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), a beautiful place where you can take incredible pictures from different angles. The entrance to one of New York’s most famous museums was one of Blair Waldorf’s favorite places, where she used to sit with her friends and think about plans and what to do in New York. Undoubtedly one of the most wonderful places you can enjoy the Big Apple for free!


Bethesda Fountain

Bethesda Fountain – Source www.nycgovparks.org

New York’s most famous park and one of the most visited places by tourists is one of Gossip Girl’s favorite venues. This park is where Blair used to walk, went to work for the community, it was also where one of the most romantic moments of the series happened, the marriage with Chuck. Bethesda Fountain is one of the places that has served as the setting for series and movies in New York, so don’t miss that beautiful place in the Big Apple.


Chances are you’ve ever heard of Upper East Side, one of New York’s most vibrant areas, plus if you’re a fan, a real Gossip Girl fan, this is sure to be one of the places you want to visit in New York. It’s in this part of the Big Apple where several chapters of Gossip Girl were recorded in New York, that’s where the girls in the series walked around in their haute couture dresses, wearing the latest trends of the season.


Now we move to another spectacular area of the Big Apple, the famous DUMBO neighborhood, where you can take one of New York’s most famous photos, the skyline photo of the Big Apple in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. This modern, alternative and home to most of the Big Apple hipsters was one of the main stages of Gossip Girl in New York, where the charismatic Dan Humphrey lived with his family, from there the famous Dan thought about what to do in Manhattan. Many fans of the series say that the Humphrey house is located at 455 Water Street.

Did you know that fashion designer Vera Wang designed Blair’s wedding dress?

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Lincoln Center, one of the most glamorous places in New York. This famous artistic complex is another of the recurring settings in Gossip Girl, where the big parties of the series took place, as well as artistic presentations. In addition to be a stage for the series, Lincoln Center is a great place, with a special aura worth visiting, it’s sensational.


Gossip Girl is a series that always stood out for its incredible taste for fashion, so the emblematic Fifth Avenue of New York could not fail to appear in the series. This street, known by many as the avenue of fashion, is home to many famous brands, there you will see some stores of the most famous fashion designers, plus this was the favorite place for Blair and his friends to shop in New York.

Another emblematic scene of Gossip Girl in New York is when Van Der Woodsen walks down Fifth Avenue with dozens of bags in each of his hands.


Empire State

Another New York icon that appears on Gossip Girl is the Empire State Building, a building with a lot of history. Another very romantic scene in Gossip Girl is when Blair and Chuck are in the observatory and both look at the skyscrapers of the city, if you want to live that unique moment you can go up to the observatory of the Empire State Building.


We continue walking along Fifth Avenue and you will find the famous Harry Winston Jewelry, an exceptional place full of jewelry that not many people can buy. It’s in this jewelry store where Chuck buys the engagement ring from Blair Waldorf, a scene that is in the memory of all Gossip Girl fans.


Columbia University

Columbia University – Take New York Tours

The wonderful Columbia University, one of the most wonderful places in New York. Many times, the outside of the university was seen in the series, in addition one of the chapters of Gossip Girl is titled “Goodbye Columbia”.