The capital of the United States is a vibrant city, where great political decisions are made every day, it is a metropolis where the history of a country is breathed day by day and it is a place where you will always have fun.

And since in Washington D.C. you will always find some activity to do, here we share 5 places that you should go to know when you are visiting the wonderful North American capital.

Air and Space Museum

It’s one of the most amazing museums in Washington D.C. This place has the largest collection of space objects in the world, in addition to aircraft, rockets, missiles, spacecraft, helicopters, satellites and balloons, in the Air and Space Museum there is a moon rock that you can touch with your own hands, something that is unbelievable!

National Air and Space Museum – Source

No wonder this is one of the most visited places in Washington DC as there are hundreds of cult objects, such as the Wright brothers’ aircraft or the mythical Spirit of Saint Louis. A fabulous place for adults and children, a museum that will offer you hours of fun.

The Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln Memorial – Source

A place built to honor the memory of one of the most relevant presidents in the history of the United States. This tribute to Abraham Lincoln is shocking, the statue of the president sitting in a thoughtful posture and looking toward the horizon is really sensational, very imposing.  From the top of the monument you can see the reflecting pool where you will have a perfect perspective to take a great picture.  The Lincoln Memorial is one of the places you can’t miss on your visit to Washington D.C.

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Georgetown – Source

This historic neighborhood of Washington D.C. is a great attraction that the city has for those who visit it. Georgetown is a traditional area that lies on the banks of the Potomac River, is inhabited by the upper class of the city and one of the main areas of the U.S. capital. There you can find several restaurants and bars, is a very active place that visitors and residents of the city usually go. The houses that make up the neighborhood are very beautiful, keep the architecture of previous centuries, in the neighborhood there is much green area to walk, is a very pleasant place.

A fact of this unique neighborhood for lovers of horror movies, in Georgetown is where you find the stairs down which father Damien Karras falls and dies, one of the protagonists of the legendary film “The Exorcist”.

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress – Source

Located in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, this is one of the most impressive places you’ll ever see in Washington D.C. The Library of Congress is a building with a dazzling white under the sun that looks like a mirror shining into the sky. What can you see there? Here you can see large sculptures, beautiful paintings, stunning bronze statues and get to know the draft Declaration of Independence or one of the copies of Gutenberg’s Bible. It’s a place you can’t miss if you’re visiting Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. National Cathedral

St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Cathedral, but known worldwide as the National Cathedral of Washington, is one of the most impressive buildings in the city. No matter where you look at it, this cathedral is absolutely beautiful. Its neo-gothic style makes it a wonderful place to see and photograph from different angles.  Curiously enough, at the top of the cathedral’s western tower is a statue of Darth Vader, a figure chosen to represent evil in modern times.

Washington D.C. National Cathedral – Source

Washington National Cathedral is located on the corner of Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues and can be reached by subway or bus. Two other attractions of the cathedral are its more than 200 stained glass windows, all of them absolute works of art, and a moonstone that is part of the decoration of the Space Window.

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Monument to Albert Einstein

A monumental bronze statue in the city centre shows Albert Einstein sitting with manuscripts, this figure weighing over 3 tonnes and measuring over 6 metres is one of the most impressive tributes to the famous German physicist. The statue has a lot of details that are sensational, for example, on the papers he holds with his hands is his famous formula of equivalence of energy and matter E=mc².

Monument to Albert Einstein

Monument to Albert Einstein – Source

In the monument you can also see 2,700 metal studs representing the location of different astronomical objects, such as the Sun, galaxies, stars, etc. Another curious fact worth noting about this monument is that it has sensational acoustics, so if you stand in front of it and talk you can hear your own echo.

This original monument is a very nice place to visit, where you can take many fun photos with one of the most famous scientists of all time.