The New Yorkers has many hobbies and one of them is to read, that’s why New York has fascinating bookstores in each borough of the Big Apple.

We have visited many of them and we have made a selection, so below we share what we consider to be 3 of the most spectacular independent bookstores you can find throughout New York City, each of them going to gives you something that you will never forget, so…

Let’s get started!

McNally Jackson Books

McNally Jackson Bookstore, what a great independent bookstore! Situated in the heart of New York City, Manhattan, this library is a center of culture that worth peruses.

The bookstore ambiance has been created especially for reading lovers, there, the readers will be able to find very interesting books of any kind of culture. Another spectacular thing that McNally Jackson has is its variety of books in different languages, there you can find books written in French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and much more.

McNally Jackson Books

McNally Jackson Books – Source

The McNally Jackson Books has two floors full of books, where you will find an endless collection of independent literature, for this reason, this bookshop is considered one of the most important bookstores of NYC, a bookshop that goes beyond the commercial literature.

Inside the bookstore, on the second floor there an unbelievable coffee shop where you can go to drink a cup of coffee while you look at a book. They are at 52 Prince Street, between Lafayette and Mulberry. McNally Jackson has another shop, which is located in Williamsburg.

McNally also organizes events around the literature and music, so it is usual to hear a band playing in the bookshop while you are walking by their corridors. Also has a section for kids, full of many fascinating books for kids all the ages. Highly recommended place!

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192 Books

192 Books is an independent bookstore in New York City, in contrast to many bookshops of the Big Apple has a strict selection of books where you find a lot of treasures.

192 Books has the authentic aroma of the independent store and you will feel it once you there in front of its door. Inside the bookstore, you will find a modest decoration, the typical bookshelves, but the books that have these typical bookracks are truly masterpieces of the literature.

In the other hand, the large variety of subjects that have this bookshop is incredible, some of these subjects including science, poetry, film, art, history, biography, literary fiction, non-fiction, and much more. The bookstore including a mystery section that worth seeing.


192-Books – Source

Although 192 Book has not a big space to read inside the bookshop, they have a very cozy table where you can stop for a moment to check the books closely. Back in the quality of their books, you must know that there you don’t find commercial books or bestsellers, there you are going to find a nice collection of masterpieces.

Usually, 192 Books realizes readings with distinguished writers and artists, this type of events are very popular among New Yorkers, so we recommend you go if you have the opportunity. The 192 Books is located at 192 Tenth Avenue at 21st Street, in the famous Chelsea one of the most amazing neighborhoods of Manhattan. To finish with 192 Books, their staff is so kind.

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The Mysterious Bookshop

Opened in 1979, The Mysterious Bookshop is an incredible hideout for the fans of mystery books and black novels. Also is one of the most eclectic bookshops situated in Manhattan a super exciting place that worth visits during a tour for New York City.

Exactly the home of this fantastic bookstore is the neighborhood of Tribeca, a super attractive zone of New York because there are situated many incredible attractions of the City that Never Sleeps. Tribeca is also the home of the worldwide famous Tribeca Film Festival.

The Mysterious Bookshop

The Mysterious Bookshop – Source

Going back to The Mysterious Bookshop, there you will find the finest selection of mystery novels a super collection that will exceeds your expectations. Inside the bookstall, you will see limited editions from some of the biggest authors in the genre, moreover, the bookshop offers luxury editions by great writers like Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the famous Sherlock Holmes, James Grady, Charles Todd and many other writers.

Another of the great attractions that have this bookshop is their Crime Clubs, in totally are seven clubs that readers can choose, each club has different subjects like Crime Collector’s Club or Thriller & Espionage Club. If you subscribe in one of the seven clubs you will have access to signed first editions from the best authors of the genre every month, and furthermore, you are going to have exclusive material of the bookstore.

The Mysterious Bookshop constantly realizes events such as conversations with authors, new releases as well as signings and readings with the writers. The bookstore opens six days a week, Monday to Saturday., from 11 am to 7 pm. Located at 58 Warren Street.

To end, the staff of the bookshop has great knowledge about mystery literature, and always they are willing to help you. Two thumbs up for Mysterious Bookshop!