Summer is the perfect time to go swimming, relax, have fun and have a great day. In New York City, swimming pools open their doors to locals and tourists from late June through Labor Day in September, so don’t hesitate to cool down if you are visiting the Big Apple during the hottest months of the year, you are sure to have a lot of fun and do something you don’t normally do when you are in this beautiful city.

In New York City there are plenty of swimming pools to go to, here we will share with you a guide of what we think are the best and where you can have a great time. Let’s start with this guide to New York City’s best public swimming pools.

Astoria Park Pool

Astoria park pool – Source

It is the largest swimming pool in the Big Apple, is located at Queens and is a favorite public swimming pool for many New Yorkers so it is usually full. Swimming in the Astoria Pool is an excellent plan in which, in addition to refreshing yourself, you can enjoy wonderful views of New York and take many pictures that will leave you breathtaking.

Astoria park Pool also has a children’s play area and sports areas that you can also enjoy without paying a single dollar, so if you’re thinking of saving money but want to make the most of the city, going to Astoria park Pool is the perfect plan to do so.

Hamilton Fish Pool

Hamilton Fish Pool – Source

This pool is spectacular, has Olympic dimensions and is one of the largest in New York City. In summer Hamilton Fish Pool attracts hundreds of people, being a very popular swimming pool and is that its size is a very comfortable pool in which you can swim pleasantly.

This swimming pool also has a children’s area, it is well maintained and there are always lifeguards watching over everything that happens in the place. Hamilton Fish also has children’s playgrounds, and for adults there are plenty of beautiful, spacious areas where you can exercise, and you will love this pool!

Pop-Up Pool

Pop-Up Pool New York – Source

You could say that this pool located in Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the most wonderful pools you can find in New York City.  Because it is such a great place, it is often visited by several people, although because of its large size you’ll never feel uncomfortable swimming.

This pool is not only ideal to cool off but also to enjoy a wonderful view of The Big Apple, and is that if you go to this park not only must enter the pool but you must give yourself a tour around the place and enjoy its large areas where you can make a picnic. A plus of this place is that it has an artificial beach where you can relax and sunbathe. A great place, fun, beautiful and best of all, it is free.

McCarren Park Pool

A recently renovated swimming pool that has become one of New Yorkers’ favorite swimming pools. McCarren Park Pool is a very safe pool, where you can go for a swim in peace and quiet as it has a large team of lifeguards that are constantly watching the place, this makes this pool a great choice if you are thinking of a pool that you can go with children.

In addition to being safe, the pool is very clean, the bathrooms are always clean, the lockers work perfectly and there are plenty of room to rest in.  There is usually a line to get in but it moves fast so you won’t have to wait long to get into the pool. In recent years this Park Pool has become more popular with New Yorkers and has become one of their favorite places to go on weekends. A fantastic place to cool off and spend a very quiet day.

Lasker Pool

This is probably the most popular swimming pool in the city and because it is located in Central Park, it is an almost emblematic place in New York City. During the summer this pool looks like an oasis in the middle of the skyscrapers of the Big Apple being the perfect place to cool off and also to protect yourself from the sun on those days when you feel you are going to burn from the heat.

Lasker Pool – Source

This huge pool is very comfortable to swim in, perfect for exercise and very clean. It is also a fun place that not only offers you the option to enter the pool but also to take a walk in Central Park and visit this wonderful park.  The only requirement to enter Lasker Pool is that you bring your own towel and a padlock. We recommend going early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the water is coldest and most refreshing.

Extra recommendations

  • Always wear sunscreen.
  • Bring extra clothes, a towel, sunglasses and a lock for the lockers.
  • Always wear identification.
  • You can bring food, like sandwiches, which are a good way to eat something while you are in the pool.
  • If you go with children you should always be watching them as sometimes there are many people in the pool and this can be a risk.