New York City has three major airports through which millions of people pass every day from different corners of the world, so arriving in New York without first knowing something about its airports can give you a hard time, so that you do not have complications in your trip to New York, here below we share a complete guide to the airports that has the city in this list you can learn essential data such as where it is located and what it costs to transfer from airport to hotel.

Not being anymore, let’s start with the…

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

It is the main air terminal in New York, is the busiest of New York’s airports and is where most international flights arrive. In this airport you can find more than 70 airlines, it has nine terminals and because of its immensity we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes if this is the airport you are going to arrive at, because you will walk a lot.

The Wi-Fi connection is free for the first 30 minutes after that time you will have to pay. JFK it is located in Jamaica, Queens, about 25 kilometers from downtown Manhattan; being the busiest airport in the city, we recommend you check in 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) – Source

The JFK offers tourists several transportation options to get to Manhattan or the place of lodging, each with its advantages and disadvantages, below, we share some of the transportation options you can use to get to your destination:

Air train: The cheapest and fastest way to get to the city or airport is the AirTrain, a light train that connects JFK directly to the New York subway, costs less than $10 dollars and will take you to Manhattan in less than an hour. It is a very good option if you are already familiar with the city, if you are not, it may be better to use it at another time because if it is your first visit to New York you will not want to leave a long trip and get on a train with your luggage that is usually full.

Taxi: It is another option that you can find at the airport to get to the city, in the taxi you can get up to 3 people, taking a taxi will cost you $52 dollars to downtown Manhattan, that price does not include road tolls or tips so remember to add those additional costs at the end of the trip.

If your destination is not Manhattan but Brooklyn the fare can be between 35 and 60 dollars, to Queens the transfer can cost from 35 to 45 dollars, in these last two destinations you must add tolls and tips, also if you take the taxi between 16 and 18 hours you will have to add a surcharge of 4.5 dollars to your trip.

Private transfer: It is and always will be the best option, even if it is not your first time in New York, because a private transfer besides allowing you to travel comfortably and not worry about your luggage will also help you save money, because is full-fare ticket, you can divide it if you go accompanied, in addition, it will leave you in the exact place that you indicate.

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New York City LaGuardia Airport

Although smaller than JFK airport, this terminal also operates a large number of domestic and international flights. LaGuardia is located in Queens, exactly in the Flushing Meadows neighborhood, the smallest in the city, but the closest to downtown Manhattan.

New York City LaGuardia Airport – Source

As well as JFK airport, LaGuardia also offers different options of transfer to the city, let’s take a look at some of them.

Taxi: The journey from this airport to Manhattan can cost $40 without tips or road tolls, is a comfortable option to reach your destination, but is among the most expensive. The trip takes approximately 1 hour, in which up to 3 people can travel and to take it you must look for the spot of taxis that is leaving the airport.

Bus: This transport service will always be the cheapest, but not the most comfortable; you already know how to carry all your luggage on the bus after hours of travel does not sound very good. The bus ride from this airport to Manhattan takes approximately 45 minutes, the ticket has a cost of $2.50 dollars, which you must pay in cash or if you have the Metrocard you can use it to pay.

Shuttle: This transport is a great option to move from the airport to Manhattan, this is a shared service that can transport up to 8 people, its great plus is that you will travel very comfortable without worrying about your luggage, against it is that it can take up to 1 hour 30 to reach your destination, because you must wait while the transport leaves the other passengers at their destination. The cost of the ticket is between 23 and 25 dollars.

Newark Liberty International Airport

It is one of the oldest airports in the country, is located in the city of Newark, New Jersey and is a great option for those who want to save money on tickets, as usually the tickets to this airport are lower than those of JFK. This airport was recently remodeled, today the airport has very modern facilities and has an excellent transportation service, let’s check some of the options offered…

Newark Liberty International Airport – Source

Newark Liberty Airport Express: A great option for those who want to save money, this service are a few buses that leave every 15 and 30 minutes to downtown Manhattan, and every 2 hours to downtown Manhattan, the ticket fare costs 16 dollars one way, you can buy round trip for 28 dollars. You can choose to disembark at Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal and Port Authority.

Taxi: From Newark airport the estimated fare to Manhattan is between $55 and $70 without adding road tolls and tips, taxis are just outside each airport terminal, you only must approach one of them to take it. One thing to keep in mind is that the driver may charge you an additional surcharge if you carry luggage larger than 24 inches.

Air Train: Newark Liberty’s Air Train service connects you to NJ Transit and Amtrak, both of which take you to Manhattan. It is much cheaper than a taxi, the ticket costs $12.50 and the journey takes approximately 1 hour. The Air Train is an excellent service, besides saving you will see beautiful landscapes of the city, is always available from 5am to 2am.