We all want to spend a magical holiday in New York, and there’s no better time to live that extraordinary experience than the Christmas season. The city becomes a wonderful place, its streets are full of charm, and several plans will leave you with a great memory.

The snow begins to fall, and the streets are adorned, the winter markets appear in the city, and the ice rinks are waiting for you. The city is specially prepared for Christmas with hundreds of fantastic plans and today we want to show you some of the best to live New York Xmas.

Countdown in Time Square

Times Square - Photo by www.newsandpromotions.com

Times Square – Photo by www.newsandpromotions.com

Every December Time Square prepares to host the new year with a spectacular show.

This iconic tradition gathers almost a million people every year, most of the tourists want to immortalize their visit to the Big Apple and with all reason is that it is a unique moment, it is unforgettable, it is fantastic OMG! is a moment in which you are excited and feel the energy of all the people who are there.

This December it will be 110 years since the ball first went down in a countdown. A must-see show in which several artists perform until the countdown start, which is undoubtedly is the most exciting part and the exact moment when all the people are getting ready for the “New Year’s kiss.”

Then prepare to scream as loudly as you can, Happy New Year!

Sliding on ice in New York City

Sliding on ice in New York City - Photo by www.intrepidtravel.com

Photo: www.theglobetrottingteacher.com

This is another of the best things you can do during your Christmas visit to New York. It’s a New York classic to go ice skating and it’s one of the activities you can’t miss. The city has a large number of ice rinks, some are free, and others charge for their entrance. If you want to know the best ice rinks just click here Ice skating in NYC.

Indeed, the most popular rinks are those in Manhattan, but the city has other ice skatings that are fantastic and are outside this borough. Tip, take advantage of going during the week as many people go to ice skating on weekends.

Trains in the Botanical Garden

Holiday Train Show – Photo by www.nycgo.com

If you visit New York with children, this is an experience they will never forget. The Holiday Train Show has more than 400 meters of toy train lines running through nearly 150 iconic places in New York, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Yankee Stadium, and the famous Rockefeller Center.

The annual miniature train show is pure magic, starting in mid-December and usually ending the second week of January. The tradition of running these trains is 27 years old. Don’t hesitate to visit this charming show offered by the New York Botanical Garden.

For more information about the Holiday Train Show click here

Xmas markets

Best Holidays Markets in NYC – Photo by www.oyster.com

Why go to Christmas markets in New York? Well, because they’re just great! These places are lovely, and here you feel like you travel in time.

Every market has something special to offer you, so that you know the best ones we recommend you read the Best Holidays Markets in NYC , there you will find a complete guide that will help you to discover the treasures that the city has for you during Christmas.

Xmas markets usually begin to appear in late November or early December.  This plan is a good alternative if you want to buy a gift with a vintage or not so traditional touch. Do not hesitate to visit them.

Walk around New York and enjoy your Christmas decorations

Dyker Heights – Photo by www.streeteasy.com

A tour to see how New York is decorated during Christmas will always be an excellent plan. New Yorkers are celebrating this season in style, stores are decorated with thousands of lights, there are several Christmas trees all over the city, and New York homes are dressed in spectacular decorations.

Any night in December is ideal for shopping and Christmas shop windows, a stroll through Manhattan is an unforgettable experience. There is no shop that is not decorated, some in a more striking way than others.

There are several examples of shops that have stunning decorations, such as Macy’s that never fails to surprise you every year with its wonderful decorations or Tiffany that every Christmas looks like a fairy tale.

There are also neighborhoods of the city that adorn their homes, the best example of this and perhaps the best place to visit is Dyker Heights. Every year this area of the city welcomes tourists with spectacular show decoration.

This neighborhood has been giving life to Christmas every year for almost 50 years, there are huge Xmas figures that will surprise you. Each neighbor of the neighborhood prepares its house this season to offer a spectacular experience, if you want to encourage yourself to know it here we share a selection of the houses better illuminated.

And as you walk around the city, let yourself be surprised by the Christmas trees. In New York you have the opportunity to see several beautifully decorated trees, each one with a particular history, know them with this list of the best Christmas trees in NYC.

Walking around New York on foot will always be one of the best plans you can make, the city has a lot to offer every day so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it.