Without a doubt the night in New York City is vibrant, as the sun sets and as the city lights slowly turn on, the Big Apple becomes a unique place in the world. And if you are visiting the city for a few days you cannot fail to experience everything that has the New York night for tourists, such as going to have a cocktail in one of the best bars in the city.

So, as we want you to enjoy every moment of your visit to New York we have made a guide with the best bars in the city, in this list there are different types of bars for the different tastes of tourists, let’s not wait any longer and start!

The Dead Rabbit

A place you will never forget in your life and always want to visit in the Big Apple. If The Dead Rabbit is not the most spectacular bar in New York is one of the best, a bar with a unique essence that is very difficult to find any other bar of the city.

The Dead Rabbit – Source www.nycgo.com

Just enter to The Dead Rabbit to fall in love with the place, the bar is beautifully decorated, it is great! Its menu is very wide, the beer is excellent and they also serve exquisite cocktails.

The Dead Rabbit is a bar for all kinds of tourists, it is the perfect place to live an unforgettable experience in New York City. As an additional fact you should know that this bar is considered one of the top 50 bars in the world, so if you are visiting the Big Apple this is a place you should definitely go and visit.

Pouring Ribbons

Another bar that is among the top ten best bars in New York City. Pouring Ribbons is the perfect place for tourists who are looking for a good cocktail or who want to try something new in their life.

Pouring Ribbons – Source themixlab.wordpress.com

The staff who work in the bar is excellent and the bartenders who work there are incredible, they know how to do their job very well and prepare exactly what you want. And we must rescue that in Pouring Ribbons bartenders take the time necessary to offer each client a unique experience through a delicious cocktail, in Pouring Ribbons the attention to detail is first class.

You should know that Pouring Ribbons limits people’s entry to the bar, this is to guarantee each person an individual experience that makes them want to come back every time they visit New York.


This bar is probably where you can find the best cocktails in New York City. The cocktails they make at Mace are of the highest quality, the ingredients, texture, fragrance, color and flavor of each cocktail are incredible, and Mace’s cocktails are something out of this world.

Mace – Source bitesee.com

A plus of this place is that its menu is very clear, it makes life easy for people who are not experts in cocktails because it helps them to make the best decision and find what the client wants without any complications.

You will love this place, in addition to its great cocktails, Mace’s atmosphere is wonderful, and the music and decoration is perfect. Mace is getting more and more popular every day, so it is no wonder you must wait in line to get in, but it doesn’t matter because it is worth the wait.


Dante is a unique bar, it is hard to find another place like this, its atmosphere, its cocktails, and the people who work there, absolutely everything that is in Dante makes this bar a place like no other.

Dante – Source www.cntraveler.com

This bar is a sober, elegant place, with a traditional style that will envelop you and make you feel in another time. Cocktails are prepared by expert and talented bartenders, so drinking a cocktail at Dante is a fantastic experience. In addition to their great cocktails the service is impressive, there will always be someone willing to help you and this is a very positive point of this bar.

The star cocktail of this place is the Negroni, a cocktail with a special flavor, very difficult to compare with any other cocktail in New York City.  Dante is a cozy place, where you will have a great time, it is the perfect bar to go with friends to relax. You should know that not only do they sell delicious cocktails, they also sell exceptional food.

Maison Premiere

This bar offers you a unique experience that can only be lived in a city like New York. Maison Premiere is a beautiful place, it is extraordinary and the atmosphere of the place is amazing.

Maison Premiere – Source www.pinsdaddy.com

This bar looks more like an art gallery, the decoration of the place immediately transports you to old New Orleans, to those classic bars that are full of amazing stories and where you can spend hours and hours without getting bored for a second.  Maison Premiere is a very pleasant place, everything in this place is very well done, their cocktails are perfect, their food is delicious and the attention is exceptional.

For some people Maison Premiere may be a bit of an expensive bar but the truth is that the price-quality ratio is excellent, going to visit this place is worthwhile, it will never disappoint you, and you will love this place!