When entering this museum, your eyes will rise to the sky, and you soul will fly to the highest, here you can live a unique experience that you will remember all your life. A museum that blast off your mind!

The Air and Space Museum has the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft, in this place you can see the incredible progress to the aviation throughout of the years, as the Spirit of St. Louis, the first airplane to complete a nonstop flight from New York to Paris.

National Air and Space Museum – Source www.smithsonianofi.com

This place has true gems of the spatial aeronautics, and here you can see the main ships that played a leading role in the history of aviation, from the Wright brothers to the first and second world wars and the space flights.

As well as, to have the largest collection of aircraft and spacecraft in the world, it is a research center on science, history, and space travel.

National Air and Space Museum – Source www.music.af.mil

The Air and Space Museum is a real wonder from beginning to end, adults and children find entertainment activities in this excellent spot, minimum you need 3 hours to enjoy its charm.

The museum is free of charge but has some extra activities that you must pay for, but it doesn’t matter if you are an aviation lover.

Visit the Air and Space Museum and fly as high as you can.

More info: www.airandspace.si.edu