Washington DC is a city full of history, science, art and culture, an amazing city that will always impress you. The capital of the United States over the years has built some stunning museums, museums that honor science, art, culture and human history, each of which is a place to visit when you are in DC.

Also, you can visit these wonderful museums by taking a tour from NYC to Washington D.C.

The museums in Washington D.C. are an attraction for children and adults alike, places to learn a lot and to have a lot of fun. These museums are practically sanctuaries, they are real treasure chests for every visitor, so you can’t miss them.

Below you will find a guide to the museums you should see when you visit Washington DC, in this list you can learn more about the most emblematic museums in the city and what you can find in each of these places.

As a matter of fact, you should know that many of the museums are located in the National Mall, an iconic place in Washington DC.

Now let’s start with the guide!

The Air and Space Museum

It is one of the museums you must visit in your Washington DC travel, inside this museum you can see hundreds of objects from the history of aviation and space. The Air and Space Museum is very interactive, has several objects that you can touch, and has a virtual reality area that you will love.

The Air and Space Museum – Source Shutterstock

Some of the museum’s highlights include the Spirit of Saint Louis, in which Charles Lindbergh made the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, the original Wright Flyer, the aircraft that made the first propelled and controlled flight, a rock from Mars and a rebuilt V-2 rocket, the first human object to reach space.

The Air and Space Museum is incredible, very well organized and well preserved, it is a museum that will always surprise you. Its access is free, it is located in the National Mall, and as a fun fact in this museum was recorded the film Night at the Museum 2 starring by Ben Stiller.

National Museum of Natural History

This is one of the most amazing museums that can exist in the world. A place like no other, this museum is exceptional with thousands of interesting things to see and objects that will blow your mind.  The majestic Natural History Museum offers an extraordinary tour where you will see dinosaurs, huge whales, elephants, mummies, plants, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites and many more.

National Museum of Natural History – Source www.dcducks.com

The museum was founded in 1910 and is the second most visited museum in Washington DC, its Neo-Gothic style building is a jewel of architecture. The Natural History Museum is the perfect place to go as a family, it is a very welcoming place, where children will have fun and learn many new things.

Among its treasures are Theodore Roosevelt’s collection of stuffed mammals, the Hope Diamond, a precious gem of over 45 carats, dinosaur fossils and a giant T-Rex that will undoubtedly surprise you. Admission to the museum is free, is located in the National Mall and is open until 5pm. Undoubtedly a place must visit in your Washington DC travel.

International Spy Museum

A very picturesque and fun museum. Inside the International Spy Museum, you will find more than 600 objects that tell the story of espionage and spies, something amazing. One of the greatest attractions of this museum is the testimonies of real spies, classified documents that were once a secret for all humanity.

International Spy Museum – Source www.martinbackes.com

In addition to the testimonies, the museum has many original gadgets used by KGB, CIA and MI5 spies. This place is perfect if you want to escape from routine, visit something different in your trip to Washington DC.

Although this museum is recent, it opened its doors in 2002, in recent years it has attracted the attention of hundreds of visitors, as it offers something new and very attractive. The International Spy Museum is a private museum, admission is approximately $21.95 for adults and $14.95 for children and is open Monday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

National Museum of the American Indian 

As its name suggests, this is a museum specializing in American Indians. In this magnificent place you will find the values and beliefs of Native Americans through art, a museum that will allow you to get to know many new things.

National Museum of the American Indian  – Source www.mitsitamcafe.com

With a large registry of Native American objects, this museum is great if you want to experience the Native American roots. Throughout the year, the museum hosts talk, events and concerts that allow visitors to get closer to the culture of the first peoples that inhabited North America.

The National Museum of the American Indians is a place you must visit when you make a tour to Washington DC because is a history treasure and is also one of the museums that is a bit out of the traditional, offering all tourists a very interesting and worthwhile tour.

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National Gallery of Art

This museum is very beautiful, its impressive architecture makes it shine and stand out among the buildings that surround it, it also has one of the most wonderful art collections in the world.  The Gallery was founded in 1973 with the aim of preserving a private collection of works by important historical artists such as Cézanne, Monet and Van Gogh. Over time, museum exhibitions became public rather than private.

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC – Source www.codart.nl

Without a doubt, any art lover in Washington DC should visit the National Gallery of Art, and its exhibitions include works by great artists such as Bosch, Giovanni Bellini, El Greco, Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet and many more. In addition to going to see the works you can also walk through the gardens in the Gallery, beautiful gardens where you can see sculptures and enjoy the vegetation at the same time.

The National Gallery is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00 and on Sundays from 11.00 to 18.00 and is free of charge.

Cover Photo: www.smithsoniansecondopinion.org