Lego Parks are already a popular destination. The first one opened in 1986, in Denmark. Then the two from England, California, Germany, Florida, Dubai, Malaysia, Japan and soon New York. Legoland New York Resort will be located about 100 kilometers from Manhattan, in the town of Goshen and will be the largest Legoland in the world built so far.

On July 4, 2020, the new Legoland Park in New York will officially open its doors. It will be the largest park ever built, with seven thematic sectors with more than 50 attractions and promenades, in an area of more than 60 hectares.

This theme park of Legoland in New York will be divided in seven lands, in a space of 200 hectares, on the other hand, it will have more than 50 attractions and spectacles for all the members of the family.

The Legoland of New York is a park that is made for the whole family, there every member of the family will be able to mount, climb, play and best of all, build. In addition, younger tourists will enjoy various experiences such as learning how to be a firefighter, taking a driving education class in Lego City, going to ninja training camp at Ninjago World, and getting on the wonderful Ninjago The Ride, an experience you have to live if you are visiting with children in New York.

In addition, another thing that will make the New York Legoland a great place is that it will have 250 rooms, best of all, the rooms will be Lego-themed, offering a lodging experience for families or visitors who want to stay in some of the rooms. Something that for any family member will be a unique experience, can you imagine staying in one of Legoland’s rooms?

What you will find in the New York Legoland

Undoubtedly you will find one of the best ways to have fun in New York, this park will be amazing! It really is a unique place worth visiting. Visitors to Legoland New York will be able to explore the wonderful miniature replicas, something everyone wants to see.

Lego City

Lego City – Source

Some of the miniature replicas that all visitors will be able to see are the New York City built with Lego blocks, something that is sensational, you will be able to see the skyscrapers of the Big Apple, the bridges of New York and many other emblems of the City that Never Sleeps. Visitors to Legoland New York will also enjoy a replica of Los Angeles made with Lego blocks.

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Lego Driving School

Another of the attractions of Legoland New York that the youngest members of the family will enjoy very much is the Legoland Driving School, a school where children will learn to drive in small vehicles that have the iconic shape of Lego blocks.

This attraction is marvelous, it is a circuit where the children besides learning to drive, will be able to take the Lego cars to the gas station, learn about the traffic rules and best of all, live an experience they will never forget in life.

Legoland Ninjago World

This is another of the great attractions of Legoland New York, a place where children can become ninjas and enjoy many adventures within a unique world. This attraction is sensational, is also built with Lego blocks and is a whole universe full of free activities where children can practice their skills in a theme park entirely built with Lego figures.

Legoland Ninjago World

Legoland Ninjago World – Source YouTube

Another great attraction to be enjoyed at Legoland Ninjango World is the Ninjago The Ride a 4D attraction an incredible experience.

Lego Factory Adventure

We have all wanted to know how the Lego figures are made and the New York Legoland allows you to see this experience up close in their Factory, a place where they show you the creative and manufacturing process of these figures.

Knowing the manufacturing process of Lego figures is an attraction that all members of the family can enjoy, inside the factory you will see step by step how each Lego figure is built, is entering the place where it gives life to the imagination.

Pirate Shoes

This attraction will allow children and family members to become pirates. Pirate Shoes is one of the attractions that will undoubtedly attract more visitors, a magical place where you will go in search of a lost treasure, an adventure that you cannot miss.

Pirate Shoes

Pirate Shoes – Source

So, if you want to become a pirate for a few moments don’t hesitate to visit Pirate Shoes Legoland.

Knights ‘Kingdom

Another place in Legoland New York to live an exciting adventure is Knights ‘Kingdom, a land where you can be a knight or a princess. This place is going to be sensational; a space made for fun and have a good time playing. Apparently, this is one of the attractions that is going to be very popular in Legoland New York.

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Legoland’s Dragon Coaster

Legoland’s Dragon Coaster

Legoland’s Dragon Coaster – Source

A super exciting attraction of Legoland New York, Legoland’s Dragon Coaster will allow you to go aboard a dragon that will pass through Knights ‘Kingdom and also see the park from the top, something incredible!


Do you want to put your imagination to the test? Then you can visit Bricktopia, an area of the park where you will find thousands of Lego blocks that you can use to build hundreds of incredible figures where creativity will be your best friend. Bricktopia is a place to live the Lego world.

Legoland – New York will soon become one of the places you can’t miss in New York. Would you like to visit it?