New York City is a wonderful place with a lot beautiful landscapes that make it the Big Apple in a great city where the people love to spend time outdoors and an excellent way to do it is on a bike ride through the city. Pedaling along New York City is very fun, the city has many routes for the bikes and is so easy finding.

The most popular bike routes are in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the River Hudson and Central Park, all of them has gorgeous sceneries for take photos that we are going to talk for themselves, so check out the bike-riding routes that we are sharing with you below and have an awesome experience in New York City.

Hudson River Greenway

This route will provide you an amazing experience with stunning views from Battery Park to the George Washington Bridge. The ride offers 11 continuous miles, is a long path where you will pass through Hudson River Park, Riverside Park South, Riverside Park, and Fort Washington Park if your legs support this wide route.

Hudson River Greenway – Source

But don’t worry if you can’t do all the bike-riding route because this peaceful path is going to give you the opportunity to take breathtaking photos along the way and spend a marvel plan, so relax and go as far as you can.

Bronx River Pathway Bike

This is one of the best places of New York City for bike ride, is a natural path with wonderful sceneries that will leave you astounded. The Bronx River Pathway was opened in 1925 that is a pretty long time, imagine the number of people who have traveled through this place. This pathway bike is a good trail, has some areas where you can stop and contemplate the river. However, you must to know that some parts of the trail are dirt, so bear this in mind when you will be pedaling through this route.

Bronx River Pathway

There you can also do some short loops and the route is very nice because offers a lot of places for chilling. Undoubtedly this pathway bike is a good choice for anybody who want to enjoy New York City on bike. You can’t miss the large salmon-colored structures!

Rockaways Ride

This trail is amazing has some great scenic landscapes, there you will find some hills that became the route in a something exciting. Many families visit this place with their children, so you should very careful and alert. Not a great ride if you are going for speed, this pathway bike is more for enjoy the place and chilling while pedaling.

Rockaways Ride –

This route has more or less 7 miles, during the ride you can see the beaches, stop in some place, leave the bustle of the city gets back and enjoy different side of New York City. Having said don’t miss the chance to have a wonderful day and visit the Rockaways Ride the next time to go to the Big Apple.

Pulaski to Williamsburg Bridge

This is one of the best thing that you can do when you are at New York City. The view from the bridge is awesome, from the any directions that you see the landscape is stunning. This pathway bike will give the chance to enjoy the skyline of New York City, is this those places that will leave you speechless, no doubt is a must visit place.

Pulaski to Williamsburg Bridge – Source

From there you will take breathtaking photos, appreciate the river in all its splendor, contemplate the city from far away, and one more time fall in love with New York.  Actually, you will love this place.

East River Greenway

This bike trail is one of the most famous in New York City, on this route you will enjoy the east side of Manhattan. This trial is truly awesome, apart from the workout you are going to enjoy the urban landscapes of the city. Along the way you have access to Thomas Jefferson Park a place where you can do many activities such as play basketball, tennis or football, this is a great place for spend time with the family or friends.

East River Greenway –

Something very awesome of this pathway bike is you cross under the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, once there you will chance of take stunning photos these spots has incredible views. In some parts the trail has problems because it is not finished yet.  Summarizing, is a good trial with some problems, but you have fun there.

Governors Island

On this small island in the middle of the Big Apple you would have a pleasant time enjoining this pathway bike. This park, one of the car-free places in New York city, is perfect for cycling and the same time is one of the best places for enjoy the skylines. Is perfect place for explore other face of the city, less noisy and hustle, in few words is an excellent place for chilling.

Governors Island – Source

This is the right place for anyone who seeks a peaceful site for bike ride. The entrance park is located at located 100th street.