Even though that February is a very cold month in New York City is a time of the year with a lot of activities that does not imagine, so, if you are planning to visit the Big Apple during this time don’t worry for the snow because you have a pile of things that you can do in the middle of it.

And if you didn’t know, a very good thing of this season is that the hotels and the flights are cheaper, and this is a great time to visit New York City. So, take advantage of this month and join us on this trip where you will chance to discover the most fun events that will happen in the Big Apple during February.  Let’s start!

New York Fashion Week

Considerate as the most important event in the fashion industry, the New York Fashion Week is an event that paralyzes the city, why? Because is one of the major fashion weeks in the world where numerous brands and the most famous designers gather there to define the new trends of the year attracting the see of the entire world.

New York Fashion Week – Source www.bustle.com

During this week many performances take place, all the city has a lot of events, parties and parades and New York City are full of celebrities, designers, and models. So, you perhaps have the opportunity that you meet a celebrity while walking the streets of New York City.

If you would like to go to one of these events the best way is to do is buying a ticket for the Crowne Plaza Times Square parade. The New York Fashion Week 2017-2018 will have held from 8 of February to 16 of February, so, starts preparing your best outfits for this time of the year.

Chinese New Year

One of the most amazing and charismatic neighborhoods in New York is Chinatown. Located in Manhattan and famous for being the ethnic center of Chinese immigrants in the Big Apple. Every year one of the most important traditions of its culture is celebrated in this neighborhood, the Chinese New Year.

This celebration, also known as the Spring Festival, is a party full of colors, food, traditional dances and many fireworks, all of this extends over several days, no doubt the something you can’t miss while visiting New York.

Chinese New Year – Source www.studyinchina.com.my

This year the Chinese New Year starts 16 of February, with a large number of shows that will leave you amazed. Among the most popular are the fireworks that are used to keep away evil spirits. The New Year’s parade that is full of floats, costumes, huge dragons walking through the city, and the characteristic dance of the lion. All of these presentations organized by the Chinese for this time of the year are very impressive.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is so popular that nearly half a million people come to see it, and that is that over the years different cultural groups have joined the celebration as Americans and Hispanics.

Valentine’s Day on New York City

Like every year the 14 of February is celebrated Valentine’s Day one of the most popular festivities in the United States and worldwide. This day New York City prepares for the lovers some big parties, all the malls are decorated for the date and the restaurants will get ready to make special menus for the couples.

Valentine’s Day on New York City – Source www.valentnascore.ga

For this date Times Square is one of the favorites places for the lovers, there you will see many marriage proposals, weddings or couple renewing the marriage vows. For many people, there’s no better place to say, “I love you” than Times Square.

Other persons prefer something more private and celebrate Valentine’s Day taking a cruise by the river or dining in a romantic restaurant in the light of the candles. Another common plan between the couples for this date is booking a hotel room and spend a romantic evening.

So, if you travel to New York City with your couple already have some ideas of how to spend an incredible and memorable Valentine’s Day.  Good luck!

President’s Day Sale

For fans to shopping, each year New York City celebrates the President´s Day, and this means bargains, not just any kind of bargains, but rather big DISCOUNTS! The third Monday of each February is a fantastic date to go shopping, all the stores offer great discounts because is the end of the winter season.

President’s Day Sale – Source cellcode.us

On this national holiday, the discounts can be up to 80%, and the exact date of this spectacular season runs from 16 to 19 February, a whole week for a walk through the city finding what you have always wanted an excellent price.

Also, you can enjoy different activities during President’s Day, many museums of New York City organize special activities and some popular attractions are opened this day. However, you will know this date is a very popular day between Americans, so is very common see many people walking by the city.

Basketball season

One of the best thing that you can do when you are visiting New York City is going to a basketball game, this is an awesome show where you going to have a great time. The best way to buy a ticket is online, on the New York Knick’s website you could find a great offer.

Basketball season – Source ftw.usatoday.com

Furthermore, not only go to a basketball game but also will have the chance to get to know the multi-purpose indoor arena Madison Square Garden where famous artists such as Madonna, Rolling Stones, and The Police are had performed.

“The Garden” is a stunning place that well worth discovering.