New York is considered one of the most impressive cities in the world, where you can find a great cultural diversity.  The mix of different cultures in the city creates the perfect environment to enjoy numerous cultural offerings such as concerts, Broadway musicals, museums, art galleries, cinema, etc… New York is a city for everyone.

The Big Apple is the cradle of several artistic movements, an example of this is the jazz music that had its rise in this city and where one of the best jazz festivals on the planet is held.  In addition, this wonderful city has hundreds of galleries and theater plays that astonishing you, one of the activities you can’t miss when visiting New York is going to Broadway musicals.

There are many possibilities in New York, wherever you walk you will find art and culture. The cinemas offer a wide variety of film productions where you can watch films of all genres. There is also the possibility of enjoying film festivals that take place in the city.

This is why we want to tell you about two cultural activities that we are sure you will love, two different ways to enjoy New York. So, if you’re a tourist looking for a new cultural adventure, it’s time to experience it!

The Bronx Film Festival

If you’re in New York, you must explore all the city and go more than the Borough of Manhattan. And is that as a tourist you can’t miss the opportunity to know the whole city, so today we want you to know one of the best film festivals that will give you a different vision of the city that never sleeps.

The Bronx Film Festival was created to revitalize the history of filmmaking in the Bronx and to give new filmmakers a chance to present their work to an audience. This borough of New York has a great tradition in the seventh art, in the early nineteenth century was the epicenter of the first cinema films in the city.

Bronx International Film Festival – Source Facebook

With the idea of promoting art in the Bronx and other boroughs, this festival takes place during the last week of January. Its mission is also to turn the Bronx into a cultural destination of New York City through the festival by showing different scenery in this area of the city.

So, if you want to know all the multiculturalism that this space in the city offers, the Bronx Film Festival is the perfect opportunity to do it, we are sure that after knowing the Bronx you will want to come back.

NYC Broodway Week

If you’ve always dreamed of going to see a Broadway musical, this is the great opportunity to get cheap tickets. The NYC Broadway Week is held twice a year and is an initiative that originated in 2011.

This week that actually lasts more than 10 days almost every Broadway theater offers tickets with 50 percent discount or 2×1 promotions. You can see works that during the rest of the year do not offer a single promotion and are box office hits.

NYC Broodway Week – Source

If you want to go you should follow these tips. Consult in advance the works you want to see, not only choose one but two or three, we recommend this is why tickets are so low in price that people usually buy them very quickly, so it is good to have a list of several works to not miss any presentation.

Tickets are on sale on January 5th online, this day the website is often collapsed because there are many people trying to get a ticket, so you must have the patience to buy the tickets. In addition, not all tickets have discounted, to get the discount you must enter the discount code that is on the Broadway Week page.

You will surely not regret this magnificent experience of being able to watch one of Broadway’s marvelous shows.

Now that you know what to do in January tell us about your experience ?