Boston is a city with great libraries, excellent bookstores and has some of the top universities in the world. In few words is a cultural nucleus, for these reasons one of the best activities that you should do when visiting Boston is going straight to a bookstore and get lost in its halls finding a good book.

For years the Boston’s bookstores have been increasing popularity and many new shops selling books have been opened, so it is not rare encounter a bookstore in each corner, and this is happening because are still people who prefer holding a book in their hands, read it and collect it.

And if you are visiting one of the cities with the best bookstores in the country, check out the list that we will share below and begin a new story in your life, no matter if is fiction, non- fiction, drama, comedy or fantasy.

Porter Square Books

This independent bookstore is located in the Porter Square Shopping Center on Massachusetts Ave, about two miles north of Harvard Square and is one of best local in Boston. You will really love this place, Porter Square Books has a great selection of books, there you will find a large list of multicultural authors.

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This cultural oasis in the heart of Porter Square has an incredible atmosphere, and the staff working in the store is knowledgeable and very polite. A bookstore that will never disappoint you, the local has a little coffee shop inside and many seats to sit down with your cup of coffee while your reading. The bookstore updates its list of books constantly, that means the shop always stocked with new books. You will adore this independent bookstore!

Brattle Book Shop

Book readers this bookstore is awesome! The local is amazing and the books, even more, you can really find amazing books there. You must go even if you don´t love reading because the place for itself is gorgeous.

This treasure has been open for more than three decades and been manage by the Gloss Family since 1949. Through the years this shop has become in one of the largest bookstores in the country.

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Brattle Book Shop is full of good books, you could spend entire days navigating its shelves, undoubtedly a great place.  This book heaven, as well as to be one of the best bookstores in Boston, also is a tourist draw. For us is the best old-fashioned bookshop that remains in this city.

PS: They always have excellent prices and bargains.

Rodney’s Bookstore

It slogan is “Books are just the beginning…” and is true. This little independent bookstore has an impressive collection of a wide variety of topics, every visit to this place is a new adventure. This bookshop is located in Central Square and many of their books have a discount.

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You will love the ambiance of the bookstore; each section has a special aura and the books are organized in a way that is easy to find them. A common scene in this place is found people reading and relaxing across it aisles, so exist the possibility that you will make a new friend there.

They also sell other kinds of stuff, like posters, calendars, notebooks and art cards. This place will never disappoint you because has reasonable prices, a good ambient and a people friendly. Highly recommend!

Harvard Book Store

This bookstore is brilliant! Harvard Book Store has one of the most incredible collections in the city, is a unique place where you spend a lot of time in their halls enjoying its stock of books. This bookshop has been in Harvard Square since 1932 and is a very important place in the Boston’s culture.

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Once enter in this bookstore you feel the energy of independent bookshop, they have a wide variety of literature and always have interesting authors events. Harvard Book Store has a hidden gem in its basement, a place where you will find incredible books with discounts and much more things, this section of the bookstore is like a dream come true for any reader.

Definitely, you must visit this place when you are in Boston, you will never know what adventure you can live in this bookstore.

Commonwealth Books

On downtown Boston exists a lovely bookstore, they called Commonwealth Books. This bookshop is a place where you get lost in their aisles because has a tremendous collection. According to its website, they have 40.000 books from the medieval era, so if you are an avid collector this place is made for you.

Commonwealth Books – Photo by

Although the specialty of this bookstore are the artbooks, poetry, history, and literature the halls of Commonwealth Books is filled to the antique books and this is really amazing! This is the kind of bookstore that you will never forget.

Something to add is that its staff always willing to help you, they are very kind people. You won’t be sorry to visit this Bookstore. Highly recommend the place!

Now that you know where goes to buy a new or used book, which independent bookstore will you visit first?