The beauty of Boston mixed with the friendliness of its people makes this city a charming place. Its gigantic green areas in the middle of the skyscrapers is a clear sign that Boston is a city of contrasts that encourages you to explore it, to want to immerse yourself in its culture and to scrutinize every corner of the capital of Massachusetts.

Visiting Boston is like being in a role-playing game in which you will find great stories and is that Boston is the living history of the United States, its cultural, artistic and intellectual movement is so amazing that each visit to this city allows you to do something new.

Also, visiting Boston is very easy, if you are in the Big Apple you can take a tour to Boston from New York and visit this lively city. So, for you to spend a great day in Boston, here is an itinerary that will help you get to know this magnificent city.

Let’s get started!

Boston’s Green Spaces

As we mentioned at the beginning, Boston is a city of contrasts where its parks are located in the middle of huge skyscrapers and big avenues, something that is completely captivating, to see how the city has preserved its green spaces during its urban development shows how important nature is for a city like Boston.

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden – Source

So, after taking the Freedom Trail you can take a break at Boston Common or Boston Public Garden, two parks where you can find beautiful gardens, small bridges, a lake and great sculptures that tell the story of the city.

Tour Freedom Trail

This is an indispensable tour to make when you are in Boston, it is because the Freedom Trail is the way that will teach you the history of the city and the United States. This road will allow you to visit the 16 most emblematic places of the city, a 4-kilometer route that starts in the most famous park of the city, Boston Common, crosses the North End and ends in Charleston.

Tour Freedom Trail

Tour Freedom Trail – Source

Doing the tour is very easy, just download the official map on the following page or by hiring a tour to Boston from New York you can make a guided tour of this place, an alternative that lets you know important details that are not on the map.

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Tasting Boston’s gastronomy

After walking around Boston Common and getting some rest, it’s time to recharge your batteries and go eat. Just a few meters from the park and located on the Freedom Trail is the Quincy Market, where you can find a variety of gastronomic products that will delight your palate.

Quincy Market

Quincy Market – Source iStock

While eating a delicious Lobster roll, iconic Boston food, at the same time you can witness a street show and enjoy the ancient architecture of Quincy Market. In addition to eating, you can also buy a few reminders of your trip to Boston.

Walk on Beacon Hill

To end a day in Boston nothing better than going to one of its most beautiful historic areas, Beacon Hill. Going to this area of the city is like time travel, its cobblestone streets, Victorian style houses and gas lanterns transports you to the late nineteenth century, Beacon Hill is very well preserved, so much so that there is no building in this area that does not go with its British tradition.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill – Source

The plan to do in this neighborhood is to take a walk on Acorn Street and Channel Street, two of the most famous streets of Beacon Hill and in which daily tourists from around the world, in addition to walking you can also enter an antique store and buy some object that steals your attention. Once there you cannot miss visiting the State House and take a picture of its imposing golden dome that stands out from the top of the city. The Massachusetts State House is very popular, featured in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed and The Last of Us.

Copley Square

Already with 100% energy it is time to go see the city from the top and visit the Prudential Center building, which from its 50th floor gives you the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view of Boston.  Once you have observed the city, a few blocks from the Prudential Center is Copley Square, a highly recommended place to visit because there is the skyscraper Hancock Tower, the Church Trinity Church, which is reflected in the windows of the skyscraper, and the Boston Municipal Library that you can enter without paying.

Copley Square

Copley Square – Source

Once you’re in Copley Square you can go shopping in Newbury Street, an old Boston neighborhood full of fashionable shops, souvenir shops, with an interesting gastronomic proposal and where you can walk quietly, without any rush observing the colorful facades of the buildings that make up the neighborhood.

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Waterfront Boston

Boston is a coastal city and one of the best things you can do in this wonderful city is take a stroll around its seaport. Walking along Boston’s old dock is an incredible plan to finish your tour of Boston, from there you will see the great skyscrapers of the city, you will find an infinite number of great restaurants, as well as hundreds of fashion shops and art galleries.

Waterfront Boston

Waterfront Boston – Source

From this place you will have spectacular views of the city, is a plan not to be missed, very peaceful and perfect to see the sunset in Boston. Walking the entire seaport will take you about two hours.

Now that you have an itinerary and know what to do in Boston in 1 day, all you must do is encourage yourself to live the adventure.