You are looking for a different plan to do in your tour to Boston, an experience that shows you something different from this charming city then do not hesitate to go to a Flea Market in Boston, an experience that you will love and also allow you to visit places that are usually rarely visited by tourists.

Going to a Flea Market is exploring, having fun and also enjoying the Food Trucks, so, if you are thinking or encouraged to visit a flea market in Boston, then below we share the 3 best Flea Markets that exist in Boston.

Let’s get started!

SoWa Open Market

In addition to being one of the city’s most popular and fantastic flea markets, SoWa Open Market is also a great celebration of local art, food and live music. Every Sunday, from May to October, thousands of locals come to this flea market to buy something in the more than 175 stores that can be found in the SoWa Open Market.

SoWa is a great experience that you must live if you are on a tour of Boston, this great bazaar offers many alternatives to have fun and have a good time in Boston, for example, every Sunday in SoWa a local brewery offers different types of beers, so people can taste varieties of beer. Boston’s artisanal beer is quite famous in the United States.


SoWa Open Market – Source

In addition to shopping, other activities you can do in SoWa is enjoy live music, different local bands go to SoWa, something great because you will meet many new bands that you may like. On the other hand, in SoWa there is always a food trucks area, where you can go to taste all kinds of food, from Mexican food to the best of oriental gastronomy.

The people who live in Boston love SoWa, for the locals is more than a flea market, for them is one of the best plans they can make in the city, there Bostonians meet with their friends, enjoy the atmosphere, food, vintage stores, galleries and many other things. So, if you plan to visit Boston between May and October, then don’t hesitate to go to the SoWa Open Market, a great experience worth enjoying.

If you want to know more about SoWa Open Market, we share with you the official Flea Market website, there you can see which are the shops, galleries and food truck are going to be part of the open market. ->

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The Somerville Flea

The Somerville Flea is an authentic vintage market, this place is great, once you are there you connect with the atmosphere of the place, you relax and feel that you are going to have a very pleasant time. This place is impressive, there you will find a lot of vintage shops, all of them with something particular and different to offer, also the sellers are very kind, they are always willing to help you, the best thing is that you can negotiate the price of any item without any problem, so don’t hesitate to do it.

The Somerville Flea opens its doors every Sunday from June to October, but also have activities on Friday nights, activities known as Night Markets, this is a small version of the Somerville Flea Market and serves for people to approach the market, buy something while enjoying live music, also serve for people to get to know closely different works of emerging artists living in different areas of Boston, these events on Friday nights start at 5pm and end at 10pm.

The Somerville Flea

The Somerville Flea – Source

In addition to vintage shops, food stands and independent galleries, in Somerville Flea you will also find Farmer’s Stand, in each of these stands you can buy fresh country food, a great alternative if you want to eat a different product. Throughout the market you will see dozens of food stalls where you can try different snacks. Normally in Somerville Flea you will be able to see different live bands every Sunday, small concerts that you can enjoy.

Going to Somerville Flea is definitely a great experience, an experience that will connect you with Boston and the locals, plus you will have a lot of fun activities to do at Somerville Flea.

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Cambridge Antique Market

If you’re a person who loves to buy antiques, handmade crafts and collectible items or you are a vintage hunter, Cambridge Antique Market could be a paradise for you, an indoor market, which is considered one of the best flea markets in Boston. Cambridge Antique Market opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm, Monday being the only day you won’t find it open.

There the best of the best, hundreds of expert salesmen, some of them well-known collectors, put their products for sale, very rare objects, difficult to see in any other market of the city, besides something great to buy there is that each object has its own history and each salesman is willing to tell you the history of each object, so going to buy there is something more than paying for something, it is an incredible experience that will make you enjoy your tour of Boston much more.

Cambridge Antique Market

Cambridge Antique Market – Source Facebook

Cambridge Antique Market is impressive, there are 5 floors and each floor of the building is full of shops, and although they all seem to be the same, each shop has its own style and some hidden treasure worth discovering. This flea market is also an ideal place for those who love vintage clothing, retro style and vintage accessories. Another charming detail of this market is that many stores offer incredible discounts, a temptation for any tourist who is looking for something that reminds him of his tour of Boston.

Finally, when you leave Cambridge Antique Market, don’t forget to take a photo of the incredible mural next to the building, which has a beautiful sentence that says “We speak for those who can’t”.