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In December New York is completely illuminated with the spirit of Christmas, its streets shine, houses are decorated, squares and parks are full of people enjoying this beautiful time.

And a very special way to catch all that spirit is to visit New York’s most famous Christmas Trees. Every year New Yorkers choose the best trees to decorate and locate them in different parts of the city.

This 70-year-old tradition is one of the best shows you can enjoy without spending money. It is worth visiting each tree, making a wish and letting yourself be infected by New York Christmas. So, buckle up, you’ll get to know NYC’s most beautiful Christmas trees.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center – Photo by www.posta.com.mx

If this is the first time you travel to New York and ask someone about a Xmas tree, you are sure to be told to go to the Rockefeller Center. That’s where the most famous tree of all is located.

Every year in Rockefeller Square a giant tree of more than 20 meters is planted. Its decoration is stunning, it is adorned with more than 40 thousand LED lights and the tip is decorated with a large Swarovski star.

The Rockefeller Center is one of the most common Christmas postcards in New York. The tradition of putting a Christmas tree in the plaza is more than 70 years old and is world famous.

So, if you want to have a typical New York photo during Christmas you should go to the Rockefeller Center. You can see the tree illuminated until January 7th.

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall – Photo by www.decadenceanddaydreams.com

A tree that is lit to welcome one of the most impressive and most famous New York Christmas shows The Rockettes.

This theater, once considered the largest in the world, has a long history of Christmas. It is a must-visit because it is an iconic building of the city, and in the Radio City Music Hall have been presented famous people that changed the history of spectacle.

Cheer up and know it, his tree and lighting are not so extravagant, but no doubt once you are there you will want to upload a picture of this beautiful place to your Instagram.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park – Photo by www.timeout.com

Another very popular place among New Yorkers and one of their favorite places to celebrate Christmas. If you want to live a New York experience, you must go and see the Bryant Park Tree and skate on its famous Winter Village ice rink.

The giant tree is decorated with more than 30,000 lights and a beautiful Christmas star at its tip. Here you can live a very special night, everyone usually gathers around the tree to listen to carols and ice skating. It is a very beautiful experience and a good plan to end a day in New York.

Every year at the Bryant Park there is a ceremony known as the Winter Village Tree Lighting in which different celebrities perform live, several skaters dance on the ice rink to the rhythm of the music and the show ends with the lighting of the tree. Although it is a less crowded spectacle than the Rockefeller Center is usually quite crowded.

The date of the tree’s ignition is December 1st and if you want to see it up close you must arrive early, otherwise, you can go any other day to see the tree illuminated and in all its splendor.

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park -Photo by www.madisonsquarepark.org

Madison Square Park is the place where more than 100 years ago for the first time a tree lighting ceremony was held in the USA. It may not be one of the most popular places among the people, but it is definitely worth visiting because it is a place full of history.

The tree has 35 feet tall and its decoration is usually a little soberer. Near Madison Square Park are the Empire State Buildings and Flatiron Building, other emblematic places in New York that you can certainly visit.


American Museum of Natural History Tree

American Museum of Natural History Tree

Don’t hesitate to visit the most original Christmas tree in New York. Over the years this tree has been gaining popularity as its decoration is not with lights but with origami figures. It’s great to see the time they dedicate to this work; each year has a different theme that will leave you surprised.

The tree has more than 500 paper figures that are received at Origami USA headquarters, the association that decorates the tree each year. The lighting of this fantastic tree gives the start to the Christmas season in the museum. It is located at Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall and remains there until January 2.

Going to see this Christmas tree is a good opportunity if you want to get out of the traditional and get to know something different in the Christmas season.

The Angel Tree (MET)

The Angel Tree (MET) – Photo by www.tripsavvy.com/

A tree decorated with eighteenth-century angels and cherubs. Every year in the Metropolitan Museum of Art a beautiful Christmas tree is installed in the European Medieval Sculpture Room.

This phenomenal tree is almost seven meters tall and has great artistic value. Its creator, Loreta Hines Howard, donated it to MET in 1964 and for almost 50 years was commissioned to install this work of art. At the foot of the tree are located 200 figures that also date from the seventeenth century recreating a Neapolitan birth.

You’ll be amazed when you see it, it’s very beautiful and elegant. Besides, his figures are very well cared for.

South Street Seaport District

Here the magic of Christmas is lived in a very special way. Here you have one of the best Christmas trees. It is beautifully decorated, has a variety of colorful lights and just in front of the Christmas tree is an ice-skating rink.

There is also a Christmas market in the same area, where you can buy traditional products, but without a doubt, the main attraction to visit this tree is its famous Christmas Choir.

Every year the Christmas Choir prepares a repertoire of Christmas carols that they interpret in a spectacular way, it is a very magical show, you feel that it transports you to another time. The choir is presented on Fridays from 1 pm to 3 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to 4 pm. Cheer up, visit the tree, listen to the traditional Christmas carols and finish the day by skating on ice.

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