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Every year New York adorns its streets with bright Christmas lights. During the night the city lights up in a wonderful way to welcome you to Christmas, a tradition that over the years has become a visual spectacle that everyone should enjoy.

Houses, streets, parks, and warehouses are decorated with thousands of lights to receive this wonderful season, converting the Christmas lights into a classic.

So, get ready because we are going to take you on a tour that will leave you amazed, the Christmas Lights tour, a tour that seems to come out of a Christmas story.

Let’s start with Dyker Heights

During this season Dyker Heights is one of the most visited neighborhoods of the city to see the lights, and with all reason, the people who live there offer a show that is difficult to overcome, undoubtedly is a magical place.

Located in Brooklyn, this neighborhood is a quiet until the Xmas arrive. It is at this moment of the year that all the neighbors put out their best Christmas decorations to adorn the houses, some of the decorations are so huge that maybe you can see them from space. 😊

How did this tradition begin?

Well, who started with this beautiful tradition was Lucy Spata, who one day in 1986 decided to decorate her house with hundreds of Christmas lights, garlands, and huge Santa Claus dolls.

At first, the neighbors of the neighborhood didn’t like the idea very much, but with the passage of time, some of them were added, until almost becoming a competition of the house more illuminated and better decorated.

Although there are many neighbors with extravagant decorations, there are residents of the neighborhood who prefer a more discreet decoration or people who choose not to decorate their homes and stay in the dark.

What day do the lights turn on?

There is not an exact date when all the inhabitants of the neighborhood decide to put the lights on, but more or less everyone starts to turn them on from the weekend of thanksgiving. Most of the neighbors leave their houses decorated until the first days of January.

The best days to visit the lights are in mid-December, where the neighborhood is shining in all its splendor.

3 houses you can’t miss going to see in Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights

In the neighborhood of the illuminated homes, there are surprising houses that you can’t miss. Let’s mention some of the best decorations that will probably take your breath away as soon as you see them.

  • Without a doubt, the most famous house during Christmas is Lucy Spata’s, as we told you, she was the one who started this tradition. The house is located at number 1152 of 84th Street and every year surprises its visitors with new figures and lights.
  • Another amazing house is that of the Polizzotto family. This place is full of huge Christmas figures, it has a beautiful tree and its giant Santa Claus is right in front of the door welcoming you. This house is located at 1145 84th Street right in front of Lucy Spata’s home.
  • Another house that surprises by its wonderful decoration is of Sam the Greek. Maybe this place has the most elaborate Xmas design, with several animated figures and many colorful lights. Its decoration is very creative and impressive, a super recommended place to visit. The house is located on 14th Avenue between 71st and 72nd Streets.

How to get to Dyker Heights?

The neighborhood is 40 minutes from Manhattan by subway, has no station, but nearby neighborhoods do. Take line D to 71 St Brooklyn, from there you have to walk a little bit to get to Dyker Heights.

Another way to get to know this popular neighborhood is by taking a guided tour of Dyker Heights. This may be one of the best tips that we can give you to tour this charming area of New York.

A tour will take you directly to the best houses of the place, you won’t miss any decoration and you won’t have to walk at night and with cold in the city.

Fun facts about Dyker Heights

  • It is estimated that the most ornate houses pay between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars in electricity.
  • Most of the population living in Dyker Heights is of Italian origin.
  • To decorate the houses, many neighbors hire companies that charge between 3,000 and 6,000 dollars for the decoration.

Other places to see the lights of New York

Leaving behind the wonderful Dyker Heights neighborhood, we will show you other areas of the city that you can’t miss on this Christmas lights tour of New York. Let’s get start!

 Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue Christmas

A beautiful place that will never disappoint you, it is amazing to walk along this avenue and see how it is decorated every year. This area of the city will always be a spectacle with its Christmas shop windows that you can’t miss.

The Kevin Lynch House

The Kevin Lynch House

If there is a house that really shines in New York, it’s Kevin Lynch’s house. It is located in Queens and is one of the most impressive attractions. The house is illuminated with thousands of lights and its gardens have several Christmas figures on the lawn.

The lights are on from sunset to 1 am, it is one of the houses that accepts charitable donations for local children’s programs. The last day to see her illuminated is January 7th.

Madison Square Park

Here you can see another impressive light show. Every year Madison Square Park decorates the place for the “Tree of Light” ceremony, different artists present themselves and turn the park into a beautiful space. A place that will impress anyone regardless of their age.

Washington Square

Washington Square – Photo by www.videoblocks.com

As usual, the gigantic Greenwich Village tree lights up every December, and on an opening day, Santa Claus appears with his candy canes to welcome you to Christmas. It’s a nice place to take a picture and have a nice time drinking chocolate.

Casa de la familia Garabedian

Casa de la familia Garabedian Photo by www.nydailynews.com

Simply by coming to this house and looking at it, you will understand why it is known as the Christmas House. Its decoration is impressive, has more than 200 animated figures adorned the place and there is Christmas music at full volume.

The Garabedian family has been decorating their home for 47 years in gratitude for a miracle they were granted.

Now tell us which is your favorite place to go to see the Christmas lights?

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