These days tattoos are very popular these days more and more people want to get one and why not take advantage of your visit to New York City to get a tattoo. No matter if you already have tattoos or not, but something incredible that you can do in the Big Apple is tattooing, believe us it is an experience that you will never forget, and you will love.

In New York City there are hundreds of tattoo shops and a large number of excellent artists who specialize in different branches of tattooing, for example, some tattoo artists prefer to work only in the traditional American and Japanese style, others prefer the Gothic and religious style or lettering. That’s why you need to know which store to go to, because it depends on what you like to find the right store for you, so below you will find a selection of the best tattoo shops in New York City with their specialty.

Daredevil Tattoo

Specialty: American traditional, Japanese Traditional and Polynesian.

Daredevil Tattoo is a great store, has a great tradition and is well known in New York City. The store opened its doors in 1997 and since then it has not stopped tattooing, its co-owner Michelle Myles is a renowned tattoo artist and one of the best representatives of this culture. In addition to tattooing, the shop is a museum where you can see Antique tattoo machines, photos of the beginnings of tattooing, pictures with some wonderful paintings. Undoubtedly Daredevil Tattoo is a wonderful store with a very valuable tradition for the history of tattooing.

Daredevil Tattoo – Source

Daredevil has been selected by different tattoo magazines as one of the best tattoo shops in New York City, the quality of its work is very good and has tattoo artists who have a great track record.


Grit N Glory Tattoo and Boutique

Specialty: Color, Black, and Grey, Portraits.

This store is amazing! He has a staff of amazing tattoo artists all of whom are excellent.  The store was founded in 2014 by the famous artist tattoo and TV Personality Megan Massacre and although the store has not been founded for many years it is a top-notch tattoo store.  In addition to its regular staff, the shop invites many artists from around the world to work in its facilities for a while, thus contributing to the further expansion of the art of tattooing. As we have already mentioned, the store also functions as a boutique, so at Grit N Glory you will also find clothes for men, women, and children, with great designs!

Grit N Glory Tattoo and Boutique – Source Facebook

A super recommended store with a high-quality work where you will be attended in a very friendly way. Also, if you go to Grit N Glory you can meet Megan Massacre, one of the most influential tattoo artists of recent years.


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East Side Ink

Specialty: Traditional, photorealistic, black and grey

This store is open since before the tattoo was legal in New York City. Since 1992 it opened its doors to welcome anyone who wanted to carry ink on their skin and since that time began to make a name for itself in the Big Apple. This store located in the East Village has talented tattoo artists, one of whom is Josh Lord who has been considered one of the best tattoo artists of the last decade. One fact, Josh Lord was the tattoo artist who designed the tattoos for the characters in the famous True Detective series.

East Side Ink -Source Facebook

Thanks to the quality of the artists who work at East Side Ink, the store offers an excellent cover-up service, so if you have a tattoo that you don’t like anymore you can go there and get a new tattoo that covers the one you don’t want to see.


Kings Avenue Tattoo

Specialty: Traditional Japanese, American traditional, religious

One of the most influential tattoo studios in New York City, along with the Kings Avenue Tattoo, is a store renowned for the quality of its work and for having a team of very high-quality tattoo artists.  Its owner, Mike Rubendall, is known worldwide as one of the “Top Inkers” because his tattoos have a high aesthetic level.  The mission of this tattoo shop is to advance every day by improving tattooing techniques and to show how tattooing has played a key role in the history of the United States and especially in New York City.



The store is very nice, the service they offer is excellent, each of their artists is always willing to help you design the perfect tattoo for you, plus the merchandise they sell in the place is incredible. King Avenue Tattoo is a super recommended store if you are planning to get a tattoo when you are visiting New York City.


Invisible NYC

Specialty: American traditional, Traditional Japanese, Portraits

A very good tattoo shop with some very good artists.  The store has been founded 10 years ago and every day its name is heard more and more on the streets of New York City. Invisible NYC also stands out for its professionalism and quality. Something that stands out in this store is that you arrive with an idea or a design and they improve it 100%, the tattoos they do there are incredible, just vast with following their account at Instagram to realize that. The store offers top-notch service to customers


Which tattoo store are you going to? Tell us about it!