If you are considering commemorate Valentine’s Day in New York City, you must know this cupid’s day is a creative challenge for many couples. As you know so well, this 14 of February is the date when the people celebrate the day of love, and many couples prepare from begin of the year to celebrate this date in style an d you can’t stay behind.

As we know in this occasion you want to break the mold and giving a surprise to your couple, so we chose 6 stunning plans that will help you to make this day in a unique experience and that you will never forget.

Before some history, why Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated?

The legend of Valentine’s Day has its origin from the Roman Empire, in the command of Emperor Claudius II prohibited soldiers from marrying, because according to him, being in love did not allow them to have the same performance in their war operations.

Valentine was a priest who defended the family, the sacred sacrament of marriage, and a steadfast believer in love. He considered that the thought of Emperor Claudius went against the love and for this reason he decided wedded several soldiers in secret, one day he was discovered, and in retaliation the emperor beheaded him.

A very sorry story but this is the reason that Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Now let’s get started with the amazing plans for this day dedicated to lovers, let’s go!

Celebrates love from the sky

This is one of the best ways that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day, this is will be an incredible surprise for your couple, have a romantic fly over New York City. Imagine the face of your couple when arriving at the heliport and sees a helicopter waiting for both, that would be pretty cool.

And that is not a big deal, find a helicopter city trip in New York is so easy, many sightseeing companies offer this tour over the Big Apple (we share a link to one of theirs goo.gl/aBR879) so, from now you don’t have any excuse for live this amazing experience, and maybe this could be the perfect plan to revitalize the relationship with your couple.

The Boat of love

It may that take a fly over New York is not a good possibility for you, for this, we recommend another beautiful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and this option is to take a cruise along the river. This is one of the best experiences that you could have beside your couple. You will the chance the enjoy a cup of champagne while seeing the Statue of Liberty and appreciate how the sun goes down. Pretty romantic, don’t you think?

Valentine’s Day – Photo by cruise experts

A Valentine’s Day cruise with champagne, with a beautiful flower arrangement and some chocolate strawberries undoubtedly is a very romantic plan that exceeds expectations, and one never knows maybe this is a perfect situation to ask for her hand in marriage.

A pleasurable visit to Museum of Sex

This is a funny and a non-standard plan that any couple should be doing, is an incredible exploration of the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality. In this awesome museum, you will spend a wonderful time enjoying many cool exhibitions, and the museum has a great mini bar where you can drink something and also has a wonderful gift shop.

Museum of Sex – Source utrip.com

Without a doubt, this is something out of the ordinary and you will love it! Be encouraged and have an erotic Valentine’s Day, trust us you won’t regret it. We recommend buying the Museum ticket in advance because of they usually for those dates to end sooner.

Check out the burlesque scene of New York City

Celebrate the Valentine’s Day with a burlesque show is outstanding, is travel back in time and warm up the night like an old-times. Watch an event like Le Scandal Valentine’s Day Show is awesome, there you will enjoy a performance like no other, an erotic old-school show that will never disappoint you.

Burlesque scene of New York City – Source letterboxd.com

While you drink a prosecco, you will watch the exotic dancer, a burlesque show and listen to the Le Scandal band. A place where the erotic and sensuality are redefined, this is a wonderful choice for Valentine’s Day if you like get out of the conventionalisms. So, go check and enjoy an erotic performance with your couple.

A dinner in the lights of candles

If you are looking for a most traditional and discreet plan, a candlelit dinner always will be a good plan. But you know, is a lot of ways that you could enjoy this dinner in a different way. One of this is seeking an excellent place in the New York City, it does not necessary a restaurant, you can do the dinner in the park, like a picnic under the stars. Also, you can do a romantic candlelit dinner side the river and enjoy the New York City’s skyline.

Candlelit dinner – Source imgopic.pw

On the Valentine’s Day the romance is guaranteed, so if you do not need an expensive plan for having a good time with your couple, take advantage of the city, the only stuff that you need is creativity for making a unique plan that your couple will never forget. Finally, all that remains to be desired you, is have a happy, lovely and great Valentine’s Day.