One thing to do when visiting New York City is to take a tour of Washington DC. Sometimes we are hesitant to venture out of the Big Apple, but the truth is something you must do, get out for 1 or 2 days from the city limits and go see a new place is wonderful.

That is why in this article we encourage you to visit Washington DC, a wonderful city, with lots of places to visit, with thousands of activities to do, a very beautiful place and very close to New York City.

Travelling to Washington DC from New York is very easy, you only have to buy a tour that takes you to the capital, here we share a very complete tour and highly recommended ->

Well, now that you have decided to visit Washington DC, we will tell you what places to visit in the U.S. capital to spend an unforgettable day in this magnificent city.

Let’s begin!

Arlington Memorial Cemetery

This is one of the first places you should visit as soon as you set foot in Washington DC. In Arlington’s famous Military Cemetery, you will find more than 3,000 tombstones paying tribute to soldiers killed in battle, each tombstone bearing the soldier’s name, the year they died and the war they were in. This is a place you will never forget, once there you are going to understand why this cemetery is an emblem of the American capital and of the United States.

Arlington Memorial Cemetery – Source

In addition, you can visit the grave of John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie Kennedy, two great American figures who marked a milestone in world history. Near the Kennedys’ grave is the Flame of Eternal Fire, a flame that is never extinguished in homage to former President Kennedy. In the same place where the Eternal Fire is located, you can see some famous phrases of the iconic American ex-president.  Other monuments in the Arlington Cemetery that we recommend you go and see are the Iwo Jima Memorial, the tomb of the Anonymous Soldier and the Amphitheater of the cemetery.

U.S. National Capitol

This iconic building that houses the two legislative chambers of the U.S. Congress is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. This majestic architectural work began to be built in 1973 and was used as a reference point to start the construction of Washington DC today.

National Capitol – Source iStock

From the outside, the Capitol stands out for its impressive white dome.  One of the attractions you can find inside the Capitol is the immense Rotunda Hall, located just below the dome, and in which there is a large collection of art. Another highlight of the National Capitol are the sculptures in the gardens of this iconic place, giant bronze sculptures that recreate American history.

If you go to Washington DC you cannot miss visiting the U.S. Capitol, is one of the most impressive buildings in the United States.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial located at one end of the National Mall is one of the most amazing monuments in Washington DC. This statue is of exceptional architecture, measuring 5.8 meters, is made of marble and limestone. The monument is a place full of solemnity and authority that will captivate you, and this tribute to the 16th president of the United States is full of symbolic details that will draw your attention completely.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial – Source

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most important monuments in the United States, as it represents an era, a historical and social change. This monument is full of curious data, one of them is that the Doric columns represent the 36 states recognized during Lincoln’s presidential term.  To go and admire this monument is something great, cheer up and visit it when you go to Washington DC.

Monument Washington

Also located on the National Mall, this 170-meter-high giant obelisk is another very famous monument of American culture.  The obelisk is made of marble, granite, sandstone and was designed by Robert Mills. Its construction began in 1848 and finished in 1884, it took more than 3 decades to complete this emblem of Washington DC, its delay to complete it was due to lack of funds originated by the American Civil War.

Monument Washington – Source iStock

The obelisk is a tribute to George Washington, the first president of the United States. The monument has an elevator, which reaches the top of the obelisk, allowing tourists to have a unique view of the city. Another wonderful thing about this monument is its wide esplanade, which makes the obelisk look more splendid, especially on sunny days.

The White House

The home of the president of the United States could not be left off this list. The White House, perhaps the most famous place in Washington DC, began construction in 1792, finished in 1800 and cost $200,000 at the time. This neoclassical style mansion is impressive, although you can’t see it up close because of the strong security system around it we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

The White House – Source iStock

If you want to do a tour inside the White House, you must ask for a tour request in advance or be invited by someone who works there. Day by day hundreds of tourists visit it and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions that Washington DC has.

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