You have probably seen many photos of a large sculpture with the word LOVE in a striking red color in which all the tourists who go to New York pose next to it to have their picture taken and keep a memory of their visit to the Big Apple. Well, if on your trip to New York you want to know where this sculpture is located and other art world references in this amazing city, just follow this guide to where the most famous sculptures in New York City are located.

Let’s begin!

Love Sculpture

LOVE Sculpture – Source

Located on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 55th Street, it is one of the most photographed sculptures in New York City. This sculpture, created by the artist Robert Clark, is undoubtedly the most emblematic sculpture in Manhattan. In 1964 the MoMa asked the artist to make a Christmas card for the museum, Robert then decided to make it and made this work that over time has been reproduced hundreds of times and has become a Pop Art icon in which everyone who goes to NYC wants to take a picture.

You should know that this sculpture is not only found in Midtown Manhattan, you can also find it in other cities like Philadelphia, Tokyo, Vancouver and others.

Hope Sculpture

HOPE Sculpture – Source

Since it was installed in 2014, the HOPE sculpture has become an emblem of New York City, being one of the most photographed sculptures by tourists. The HOPE sculpture is located at 821 7th Ave, very close to MoMa and Central Park. For this occasion, the artist Robert Clark, the very creator of the LOVE structure, used the word HOPE with the intention of showing people that the world can change and be a better place, a sculpture that you must visit on your New York travel.

Like the LOVE sculpture, the HOPE sculpture has several replicas that are found in: Miami, Vinalhaven, Venice, Caracas and other cities.

The good thing about going to see the sculptures LOVE and HOPE is that both are close to other emblems of the city such as the MoMA or the Rockefeller Center.

The Wall Street Bull

The Wall Street Bull – Source

As one of the most famous sculptures in the world, many people stand in line to be photographed next to it. The creator of this sculpture, whose real name is “Charging Bull”, is the Italian-American artist Arturo Di Moca who installed it on Wall Street in front of the New York Stock Exchange in 1989 without permission. The message the artist wants to give with this sculpture is to show the determination and spirit of the American people, especially New Yorkers, after the Wall Street Stock Exchange crisis of 1986.

Over the years the Wall Street Bull has become a symbol of New York City and its financial district, so much so that it is an attraction that hundreds of tourists visit every day and one of the most photographed sculptures in New York City. The New York Bull is in Bowling Green and is a must-attraction visit during your trip to New York.

 Fun Fact

The myth has been created that if you rub the two balls that hang between your hind legs, you will have good luck with the money.

Sculpture of the Needle and Giant Button

Located right on Fashion Ave (near 5th Avenue and 34th Street) is this sculpture that pays homage to New York fashion and Big Apple designers. This sculpture was built in 1995 and is part of a series of sculptures that seek to highlight the work that New York designers have done and the contributions they have made to the fashion industry for decades.

Sculpture of the Needle and Giant Button – Source

The sculpture, made up of a Giant button and a Giant needle, is very impressive, it is a sculpture that does not go unnoticed. In the same place is also another work of art representative of fashion and the Fashion District of New York, The Garment Worker, a sculpture that shows a man working with a sewing machine and symbolizes the constancy of New York fashion designers.

The BUTTON AND NEEDLE and the Garment Worker are two sculptures in which you must take a photo, both are very impressive works of art.

Alice in Wonderland Sculpture

Alice in Wonderland Sculpture – Source

If you are traveling with children to New York, the sculpture of Alice in Wonderland is one of those sculptures you can’t miss. Located in Central Park, near East 74th Street, it is one of the most beautiful sculptures in New York City, where you can see Alice with the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hat, the White Rabbit and other characters in the history of Lewis Carroll.

The children will love this monument, besides being very beautiful, the children can play, climb on it and explore it from head to toe. So, remember, if you trip to New York with kids, don’t forget to visit the Alice in Wonderland Sculpture.

Other sculptures you must to visit

Atlas: Located right in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, it is one of the most spectacular sculptures in New York City and you can’t leave the Big Apple without a picture of this sculpture.

Non Violence: A bronze sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. This giant revolver with the barrel knotted and pointed upwards was made after the murder of singer John Lennon with the intention of protesting against all forms of violence. It is located at the entrance of the United Nations building, 43rd St. and the East River.

Prometheus: Son of Atlas, who defied the gods by stealing the sacred fire of Olympus to give it to men. This beautiful sculpture is on display in the Rockefeller Center Plaza in Manhattan, was created by Paul Manship in 1934 and is one of the most popular in New York City.

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