Times Square is one of the most visited areas of New York City, there in this magical street you will find numerous plans to do, so here is a compilation of 10 plans you must do in Times Square.

Let’s get started!


Well as you well know that in this place there is everything and for all tastes because one of the first things you can do in Times Square is go shopping. This area is full of famous brands like Aeropostale, American Eagle, Forever 21, Levi’s and many more.

Times Square – Source www.sun-sentinel.com

It’s also a place for children, there is the renowned Disney Store, Toys R Us M&Ms, all very fun stores where you will have lots of fun.

And if you’re looking for makeup, there’s nothing better than going straight to the MAC Cosmetics store, a large store located on the west side of Times Square that you won’t leave empty-handed.

Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Tour

Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Tour – Source www.topviewnyc.com

This is another great way to enjoy this area of New York City.  From a Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Tour you will be able to explore the city very comfortably while the guide gives you interesting facts about the Big Apple.  Another great advantage of visiting Times Square in one of these buses is that you will be able to capture images from incredible perspectives, obtaining panoramic views that are difficult to appreciate when you walk. So, if you have the possibility of boarding and walking around Times Square in one of these buses do not hesitate to do so.

Visit the Madame Tussaud’s Museum

Madame Tussaud’s Museum – Source Facebook

Perhaps this is the best-known wax museum in the world and is that the figures there are very realistic. There you can see wax statues of singers, artists, famous sportsmen of popular culture, plus the museum has wax figures of some Marvel characters. It is a great place to visit, very fun, a museum where you will take many pictures.

Photographing the Knickerbocker Hotel

Knickerbocker Hotel – Source Facebook

This building is recognized as one of the historic places of New York City, its architecture is Beaux Arts style and a very interesting fact about this building is that it was used as an office space from 1920 to 2013. Now, this red brick building is one of the most modern hotels in the Big Apple, as well as one of the most expensive in the city. So, if you’re walking around Times Square don’t forget to go photograph this architectural wonder.

Actors and street musicians

Naked Cowboy – Source www.usalandia.com

In Times Square you will see street actors and musicians in droves, all of them performing shows and posing for the camera in exchange for a few dollars. This is something you will normally find in this area of the city, so much so that many of them are already recognized worldwide, a good example is the Naked Cowboy, who always walks the streets of Times Square with nothing more than some underwear, boots, a cowboy hat and his guitar.

Go to an event

Valentine´s Day – Source www.virtualnycoffice.com

Throughout the year, Times Square hosts several events, such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Parade, the famous New Year’s welcome, Yoga on the summer solstice and many more. To go to one of them you only must be aware of the dates on which they will take place, all events are a great experience that will make you enjoy the most of New York.

The unmissable photo on the red stairs

The red stairs – Source www.archdaily.com

Although thousands of people are on the red stairs of Times Square you can’t help but take a picture there, it’s a must on your visit to New York City.  On the other hand, the red stairs offer you a very genuine view of this part of the city, from where you can see the giant screens with advertising, the large crowds in the street, the movement of Times Square, from the red stairs you can see the essence of Times Square. Take advantage of your visit to the city and take a photo from there at night and during the day, even if it’s the same spot you’ll see a big difference between the two photos.

Eating in Times Square

Bubba Gump – Source ny.eater.com

Although you must pay a little more than in other places in the city, going to lunch or dinner in Times Square is unforgettable. Here you’ll find hundreds of famous restaurants such as Bubba Gump, Red Lobster or New York’s Hard Rock Café. It’s wonderful to stop for a moment, sit at a table to eat something and appreciate the movement in Times Square, it’s something that will impact you.

Other activities you should do in Times Square include going to a Broadway musical, seeing the giant neon signs and walking around Pedestrian Plaza.

Bowling in Times Square

Bowlmor Lanes – Source www.bowlmor.com

One of the best plans to make in Times Square is to go bowling in Bowlmor Lanes, a super fun place to spend a very New York afternoon. Bowlmor is a blacklight bowling, retro-inspired hangout powered by interactive arcade games, signature cocktails, an outrageous menu of and nostalgia. No doubt you will spend a fun time there, you can experience American culture from close up and also visit a place that usually tourists go unnoticed.

Visit Gulliver’s Door

Gulliver’s Door – Source gulliversgate.com

One of the most authentic things you can do in New York City is go explore the fascinating miniature world of Gulliver’s Gate. In this place you can see more than 300 models that recreate different places in New York City and other cities around the world, each model was made by an artist, so you will never find one resemblance to another. A highly recommended place to include in your visit to the Big Apple, you’ll have a great time there!